Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wire wrapping

Kelly and I went to a Wire wrapping class on Monday night and we had a great time. I don't have a finished product from the class since we spent the whole time on technique, and not on design. Hopefully I'll have something to show after Friday when I have time to work on it. We had the pleasure of going to the Palo Alto Creamery and sharing a banana split after!

I visited the Pacifica Rotary Club yesterday bright and early at 7:15am. I was invited to let them know that I graduated and tell them I'm searching for a job. I gave them my etsy link so hopefully they'll pass on that info to friends and family. It was really nice to see everyone.

Yesterday was also East Bay Day. I went for a quick shop at the Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley and bought some really colorful ribbon. Did my weekly visit to my grandma in Walnut Creek (read lots of Harry Potter), and the went to Danville to visit with Dan's father and his family. Read more Harry Potter, helped Gabriella scrapbook, and jumped on the trampoline some more.

I found a few job listings to apply for, so I'll be occupied with that for most of today. Enjoy the beautiful weather!


Michelle said...

...good luck with the job search! =) hope you get to animate on a fun show...or film..or whatever you're looking for! he he

Jessica said...

ooo, is this the kelly that bought my album?! tell her i'll throw in an extra goodie since she's related to you! :D i'll mail it off tomorrow.

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