Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Location Scouting

Hello! I’ve decided it is time to freshen up this space of mine. I have plenty of travel adventures to share and oodles of photos. I'll share the occasional photo tips and resources too!

While most spring breakers were heading to a tropical location, I spent 10 hours driving in a torrential downpour to Death Valley. The storm continued throughout most of my 3 day visit. 
It was then I realized my love for travel/landscape photography. An excuse to travel to beautiful destinations, photograph them during the best lighting and then napping midday when the lighting isn't ideal. ;)

When I returned from Death Valley, I shared my photos proudly with my classmates. In the next few years, two of my closest film friends made the trek to Death Valley and shot footage for their feature length films. I like to think it was because I inspired them with my images. While sitting in the theater, watching their films on the big screen, I realized that I wanted to be a location scout for film makers. Doesn’t that sound glorious? 

Fast forward nearly 10 years and I’ve changed my scope to inspire friends, family, and future friends to experience destinations by sharing photos on social media in hopes that someday, they too will make memories of their own at some of these destinations. 

Be sure to check back next week for the beginning of my New Zealand series. Hope you have are having a lovely Wednesday!  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Top 10 Countries

I'm getting the itch to hop on a plane again. Of course I want to go back to Italy, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany to explore more of the country and make friends with the locals.

I dream of traveling to these top ten places:
  1. Thailand
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Spain
  4. Brazil
  5. Portugal
  6. India
  7. Norway
  8. Greece
  9. Iceland
  10. Austria
Where is your next dream destination?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Right Now

Oh, hello! I figured I'd play along with Amy Tangerine's post

Drinking: water, like its going out of style.
Eating: Stuffed from dinner at the Park Chalet
Listening: to M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
Wearing: PJs!
Reading: Salesforce Fundamentals. Preparing for my certification test.
Feeling: Sleepy after a long day
Weather: Overcast & wet– 50 degrees
Wanting: to get my photos uploaded from this weekend for Project Life.
Needing: a little bit more sleep. I always end up finding just one more thing that needs to be wrapped up before bed.
Wishing: That there was enough light after work to run on the beach.
Thinking: I should stretch more often.
Enjoying: Being home
Loving: Project Life

What are you up to right now? Please join me. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Exploring Southern Hemisphere - Sydney

Hello from down under! After a 17+ hour flight, I arrived at the Sydney airport.

I met a girl named Yvette from Alberta, Canada on the shuttle ride to my hostel. Everything is orange here, including to sofa I'm writing from. The staff here claim that the owner of the hostel is an 8 year old daucshaund that drinks out of a cup and prefers to be called Princess.

After a much needed shower, Yvette & I set out to take the CityRail (similar to Bart) to the closest beach, Double Bay. We got on an express train by accident and got dropped off in Bondi Junction, a whole stop past where we were trying to go. We decided to walk around a bit and passed by many decorated houses. Some had funny handwritten notes saying "out of candy, come back in 365 days."

We asked for directions a lot after realizing that our exhaustion was causing us to get further lost. I like to call this an adventure. We finally arrived at the "beach" which was a strip of sand next to a small harbour. Our feet were in a lot of pain so we took the bus back to Kings Cross which is right next to my hostel. I'm happy I'm only staying here one night since I'll be much closer to everything when I stay at another hostel in The Rocks.

We spent the afternoon people watching at a burger joint located right next to a gym. I've been struggling to stay up (since it is not even 9pm here).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pyrex finds

What do I love to do on my lunch breaks, on the way home from work, and as soon as I wake up on weekends? Search for great deals all over! I get the biggest high from finding things that people have donated and cast away. I know there are plenty of others out there like me and I love it! 

I found these beauties all over the place. Some in thrift stores and some in antique collectives. I've been using instagram to share a lot of photos and decided that I should use my dream camera that I purchased in March to shoot some photos too! Here are some recent finds (mostly orange):

Autumn Harvest pattern
 Promotional Seville pattern from 1972
 Daisy (unknown pattern)
 Horizon Blue pattern
 New Dots
I admit it, I am obsessed with Pyrex. I'm spending a lot of time here & here. I've got the same question over and over again. What are you going to do with all of that? I use it! Its in my fridge, decorating my counter and in my cupboards. I make gelato with it, store fruit and snacks in them. They add that pop of color to my table that I'm looking for!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Shenanigans

Sutro Baths, San Francisco, CA

I saw a post by Ali Edwards and believe that there should always be a summer manifesto! Summer has always been a favorite time of year to me. Here's my list for Summer 2012:
  1. Take a ride on a boat
  2. Go to a garage sale
  3. Night tour on Alcatraz Island
  4. Kayak in the bay
  5. Make gelato
  6. Try making Uncle Pat's ice cream cake
  7. Surf
  8. Shoot film!
  9. Go for a bike ride
  10. Spend time outside
  11. Visit the Library
  12. Make something with beads
  13. Paint my nails bright colors
  14. Go swimming
  15. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  16. Dance!
  17. Free Friday Night Concert at The Boardwalk
  18. Go to a Water Park/Theme Park
  19. Eat Ice Cream
  20. Movie night in the Park (in San Francisco)

Friday, December 23, 2011

'Tis The Season: December 2-10

Friday, December 2nd: Kelley & I spent our lunch talking about the start of the December album. Here she is playing with my Elle's Studio Tis the Season kit that I bought to help supplement my album. Aren't the numbers too cute?
I met Jessica, Bryce, Jamie, and Salad for dinner at one of my favorite local crepe restaurants. We grabbed dinner before heading to the theater to see Breaking Dawn. We waited a few weeks after it was released because of our hectic schedules.
I laughed during some moments I'm sure that weren't meant to be laugh out loud funny. I was entertained by the movie and really enjoyed the wedding sequence. I've become quite familiar with them lately-I photographed quite a few this past year!

Saturday, December 3rd: Scrap date with Kristi! She & I haven't been able to get together to scrapbook in a really long time. I have a habit of working a lot and packing my weekends with a lot of fun! It was so great to see my recently engaged friends and play catch up. 
I found a really fun pack of Michael Jackson pins at Michael's this week. I had to buy them since one of the buttons says "I <3 MJ!" 
This button inspired a mini photo shoot with each member of Kristi's family. I'd say we got a little side tracked from our December Daily albums but these photos were so worth it! Jarid's shirt and the couch match the button perfectly!
The photo collection wouldn't be complete without me wearing it.
We kept our December tradition going with the Pillsbury sugar cookies too. It wouldn't be Christmas without these guys.
Sunday, December 4th: I've started working at Christmas by the Cove with the holidays quickly approaching. Its great because it gets me in the spirit and I get to shop while I work. I picked up these cute Shiny Bright glass blown ornaments by Christopher Radko. They come in two sizes so naturally I bought both!
Leo & Tiffany have the cutest interactive advent calendar apps on their phones and its so cute to watch them open each day together. Then I get to play with it after!
I bought a vintage shiny bright from our collection at the store. They are so pretty piled together that it took a lot of will power to just buy one. 
Monday, December 5th: My parents brought a tree home and I helped light it. My lighting theory is that there can't be enough lights on a tree! My general rule that Leo taught me: 1 strand of lights per foot there is tree. This works really well!
I also love lighting trees with a hooded sweatshirt. I keep the lights in the hood so the lights don't get tangled.
Our family tree all lit up:
Tuesday, December 6th: I've kept a Trader Joe's chocolate advent calendar in my car to make my commute more festive. Each morning I open a new window and try to guess what the shape is supposed to be.
My company had a special barista making gingerbread lattes and a beautiful holiday spread. I didn't wait in line for a latte but I did grab a few croissants and chocolate filled pastries. It was so fun to walk in and see first thing in the morning! 
Wednesday, December 7th: I busied myself in the darkroom in preparation for the photography final. I remembered why cutting mat board is so difficult...math and razor blades. I was so involved with that project that I only remembered to take photos as I was leaving campus. This is the view of the library:
And a loading dock that I pass by:
Thursday, December 8th: Thursday was my comp day since I was scheduled to work the following Saturday. I desperately wanted to sleep in but it just didn't happen. I relaxed and updated my resume for a new position within my department. One of my packages arrived with a few of my holiday projects. I loved the presentation!
Lisa organized a girls craft night at her place. We all made food and had too many left overs. Emily brought this deliciously sweet fruit tart:
I brought my scrap supply to work on my December album from last year. Lisa worked on a beautiful ribbon wreath while Emily worked on a felt wreath.
Friday, December 9th: Ansgar took me ice skating to the Yerba Buena Gardens ice rink in San Francisco. It was such a different experience going skating with a ice hockey player. We both had our own ice skates and had so much fun racing around on the ice. 
We decided we need to skate more frequently. It was so convenient that he knew one of the employees working that night! 
I had forgotten how much I love to photograph the city at night. It made me wish I had my DSLR with me to capture the beauty of Yerba Buena Gardens. I love the patterns on the sidewalk with the church in the background. 
This is one of my most favorite colorful views, taken from the Yerba Buena Gardens bridge:
On the way back, we met up with some friends at Lucky 13 in San Francisco. It was a really cute place with a foosball table, chalk boards, and a modern day photo booth. I was thrilled to check it out since I fell in love with Lucky 13 in Alameda. 
Saturday, December 10th:  We attended a jam fest/ holiday party in one of the coolest venues I've ever been to. I love to scout locations so when I find a new one that I love, I get very excited! One of Ansgar's friends found Salle Pianos and rented it out for our holiday evening of music. Brian took clips from his favorite holiday movies and edited them together for projection onto one of the white walls. 
The decor was beautiful; Antique pianos, lits candelabras, gold gilded mirrors and an exquisite chandelier. 
Instruments littered the floor along with music stands and other audio equipment. It was a perfect night to chat with great music playing the entire evening. I met a lot of talented people and talked about photography and the environment (my job title always sparks that conversation).
I was so giddy when I walked into Salle Pianos with my DSLR. It was a magical experience and I hope I find myself there again very soon! 

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