Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo Final

I went shooting in San Francisco after the Thanksgiving holiday with my mom. I shot a whole roll of 35mm Illford XP2 in the same lighting. What a difference that makes when it comes to printing (or editing) batches of photos. Considering how I usually shoot, I will have roughly 2-3 different types of lighting on one roll of film. Printing went by so quickly that I was able to get 3 decent prints in one night. Typically that would take me 2 nights of classes to accomplish. At the final I got some wonderful compliments. My classmate Doug said my printing had improved noticeably!

This semester I got wonderful feedback from my classmates and professor so I wasn't as nervous. My final was this past Wednesday and things went well. Check out my flickr to see more.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Darkroom

Taking a semester off from Black & White photography was a difficult thing for me this past spring. Color Photography caught my interest again and so I shot loads of color film. I enjoy color but I find that it distracts your eyes from the lighting. The best kind of photo remains strong, even when you de-saturate the color from it.

Being back in the dark room printing in black & white made me realize that is my happy spot. I enjoy the smell of fixer, the sound of the water, the low light, and watching a photo develop right in front of my eyes. It slows the photographer down. Especially when you spend 8 minutes fixing a photo so it will last a hundred years.

We had our midterm tonight. I spent the past several Wednesday's preparing to show some of my strongest pieces. I will admit, I always get nervous when it comes time to put my work out there for critique. My classmates have a potluck and that makes it easier. Tonight was a wonderful class for me and I'm very happy with my final prints. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Right Now

10 Things I like right now...

1. Lemonade with mint leaves
2. Gelato
3. Driving with my windows down
4. Dresses
5. Reading before bed
6. Blasting music during my commute
7. Watching Arrested Development
8. Running on the beach
9. Dreaming about where to travel next
10. Stretching

What are you into right now?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Go Giants!

The San Francisco Giants made it to the play offs and I was lucky enough to go to the first game with some friends. We took the train into San Francisco, grabbed some snacks, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Here is the view from the pier behind the ballpark:
Can you believe how amazing the seats were? We had first row seats. I haven't sat in the bleachers in a long time and the atmosphere was incredibly energetic! We talked to so many people and gave out high fives to everyone. It was the best game I have EVER gone to.  
I love this photo of the four of us. The usher and people in our section were very friendly and took lots of photos for me.
The characters sitting in our section photo bombed us a couple of times. :) I laughed so hard at some of the surprise memories captured.
We saw several people we knew at the game and had a few visitors since our seats were so great. The best part was that our team won! After that we headed to Tres Agaves to celebrate with a bunch of fans. We made a lot of friends, including on the train ride home. What a night!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

26 Things

Before 27...

Here is my list of things that I'd like to do or try before I hit 27!

1. Make home made gelato
2. Learn Spanish
3. Sew something
4. Finish a mini album
5. Take self portraits
6. Bake more
7. Exercise
8. Pay off my car
9. Take a road trip
10. Visit Michelle in Canada :D
11. Go on a tour of Alcatraz
12. Find a different photo booth location
13. Enter in a photo contest
14. Get photo website together
15. Eat healthier
16. Spend lots of time on the beach
17. Sleep
18. Read my library books
19. Get a massage (maybe several)
20. See the Pixar Art show in Oakland
21. Save for my dream camera (currently Nikon D700)
22. Make a new friend
23. Visit the De Young Museum
24. Avoid buying any external/internal hard drives
25. Go on an adventure
26. Be more spontaneous

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tunes Tuesday

Music has always been a big part of my life and I've been collecting it more now than ever. This song by Far East Movement has been stuck in my head for at LEAST two weeks. The lyrics are silly and the video is entertaining.
I am thrilled that Invented by Jimmy Eat World is finally out! They released their newest album last week and shared the whole album on their website before hand. I adore their single, My Best Theory, but my favorite is Movielike (probably because I like to make movies?). The whole album is filled with great songs and can be played all the way through. Check it out!

I've been listening to Sean Paul's Imperial Blaze & The Trinity while running on the beach. Sean Paul's music is perfect motivation for exercise. I especially enjoy looking up the lyrics since his Jamaican accent is hard to decipher. My two favorite songs are Evening Ride and So Fine.
I have love the exposure of the free single of the week that iTunes offers. Here are a few songs/artists that are musts for me: I Am Not a Robot by Mariana & the Diamonds, American Slang by The Gaslight Anthem, 1977 by Ana Tijoux, and Bien o Mal by Juliete Venegas. I am enjoying a lot of Latin music lately. Check out the Bien o Mal music video, but be warned that its a weird one...

If you have a minute, check out this video. Watch it a few times and it will get funnier. Jenna is convinced that Darwin Deez is her soul mate. What music are you listening to right now?

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yesterday I celebrated my 26th birthday. I am so very privileged that it was my first birthday that I had to work. And even more privileged that I have amazing co-workers who went to lunch with me and surprised me with ice cream cup cakes and a hand made card in the afternoon.
Its crazy how much facebook has changed things in the past couple of years. My inbox exploded with birthday wishes and I had a lot of laughs over the unique and silly ways that people express themselves. I think my favorites were "Happy Michelle Day," and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (insert Gus Gus voice from Cinderella please.)"
My family and I went to High Tide restaurant (owned by the same family who owns The Crepevine) in Pacifica and then we had a few people over for dessert. It was a great day and a wonderful way to end the night.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mileage Check

I'll be celebrating 26 years in less than a month. I'll be the first to admit that I had forgotten about the list. Let's take a look to see what I still have to do!

25 Things Before 26

1. Travel yep!
2. brush up on my Spanish
3. design something cool yep!
4. learn to cook one meal
5. wear my glasses more yep!
6. continue to do less yep!
7. exercise heck yeah!
8. take a bookbinding class
9. save money yep!
10. take more pictures yep!
11. use my large format camera
12. finish sewing my portfolio
13. make glass beads
14. do more night photography yep!
15. sew something pretty
16. enter in a photo contest
17. simplify yep!
18. read yep!
19. give up soda sorta (cut back drastically)
20. go to the beach more often heck yeah!
21. get a website up with my portfolio
22. find a great gelataria on the peninsula yep!
23. be more carefree heck yeah!
24. eat lots of fruit yep!
25. buy a used car yep!

I still have about 35% of my list to blow through in the next 2.5 weeks. I think I can do it! Mostly ;) Have a great night.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Senator Barbara Boxer visits SolarCity!

Monday was a very exciting day for us at SolarCity. Senator Barbara Boxer visited our Foster City warehouse. I was asked to help take photos and I was thrilled! Here is a photo before the Senator arrived:
There was a demonstration of an installation of a photovoltaic panel:
Senator Boxer spoke about energy efficiency in California and growing job opportunities that clean energy companies have created (SolarCity included).
I was really excited for my co-workers/friends got to share the stage with her. There was a lot of energy in the warehouse!
The best part was getting a group photo after the campaign speech. This was the main photo that was requested and I got it! I had so much fun taking photos at work.
 Check out a brief article here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Computer problems

I'm still here but I'm battling a dying graphics card. I will be back to my regular blogging schedule once I have the computer problems worked out. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful month of June!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend recap

Last weekend was pretty spontaneous. Here's what I did:
  • Grabbed cupcakes from Safeway for a quick surprise birthday celebration.
  • Hung out with co-workers/new friends.
  • Got my credit approved.
  • Bought a car.
  • Learned some funny things that my cousin and I have in common.
  • Went to a bar in Alameda
  • Had the most impromptu photo booth fun.

  • Took photos in a bathroom that had colorful graffiti.

    • Enjoyed burgers at Jeffrey's diner for lunch.
    • Met Eric in Palo Alto for dinner.
     I have come out from under my research rock now that I have purchased my car. YAY! Hope your weekend was wonderful!

    Saturday, May 8, 2010

    Sarah & Dave at The Carneros Inn

    Shooting at The Carneros Inn in Napa was such a treat. Working with Sarah & Dave was so special. I am always touched when people welcome me into their special day. I was Terra Tabbytosavit's second shooter and learned a lot from this talented photographer!

    I spent the afternoon photographing the groomsmen as they prepared for the wedding. Here is a photo of the groom Dave, with his future nephew:
    Putting on the cuff links:
    Grandma and all her adorable grandchildren.
    A special moment between group photos:
    The bride & groom before the ceremony:
    I'm excited to be shooting another wedding with Terra today. :D

    Monday, May 3, 2010

    Week in the Life: Saturday & Sunday

    I've been a busy bee and want to share the last of my photos from the last two days of my Week in the Life project.

    Saturday morning started out with pancakes.
    I ran some errands, returning a shirt to the mall. Dan & I met Jarid & Kristi at BART. As we were taking MUNI downtown, we saw a guy shoe shining with hand sanitizer!
    We played tourist at Pier 39. Our favorite store is The Candy Baron. Gotta have our salt water taffy visit. I spied some cute seagull poop for sale. ;)
    We let Jarid go wild and he was so fun to watch.
    Musee Mechanique is now added to our stop whenever we are remotely close to it. I adore that place!
    I spent my time sitting in this booth with a different combination of friends. The most we fit in there was 3 people. Next time my goal is to get a 4th in! Photo by Dan Corcoran.
    Here are my photo booth strips from the day:
    While strolling through Fisherman's Wharf we passed the break dancers (with the commentator), the silver/gold guys, and the bushman. The bushman is always a crowd favorite. He started out hanging out in a trashcan with a branch and grew to multiple branches in front of a trash can. The bushman is very obvious because there are large groups of people hanging around bursting into laughter every few minutes when he jumps out and frightens an unsuspecting stranger. And even better, he got Kristi! It was oh-so funny when she screamed!

    One guy trying to exit the BART stall was so high, he kept trying to exit from the entrance stall. When he finally got through we were asked by a very drunk woman where the bus was that could take her to the next BART stop. Now that was a circular conversation!

    I had a lazy rest of Saturday evening watching tv at Dan's house.
    Sunday I started my day early at work. It was so warm outside I decided to wash my car on my lunch break. I'm not sure why I always get my car washed when its so hot outside. Those things can get quite uncomfortable.
    The red spin wipers have always caught my interest.
    Stopping at Trader Joe's has become a recent habit of mine. I enjoy their pesto pasta salad very much! I try to run errands on my break so I tend to eat at my desk if its quiet.
     I had a productive afternoon making listing packets. I just love the space behind my desk. It's great for spreading out all my scrapbook stuff too. ;)
    These colorful stickers make my life so much easier. Gotta love them!
    I spent the evening doing laundry and relaxing. I didn't take any photos of that since I was completely exhausted from all the photo taking this week.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    Week in the Life: Thursday & Friday

    Thursday I woke, laid out my clothes for the day on my bed and then headed for the shower. Ever since Jessica introduced me to this cami, I've been wearing them under everything.
    Crystal Springs Reservoir is one of the prettiest commutes a person could have! There is a scene in The Wedding Planner where they drive by this beautiful landscape.
    Thursday I spent my lunch with my new co-worker, returning something at Target and then buying a few more pairs of nylons. I think going to Target more than once a week is just a very bad habit! Morgan bought a plant for Christine & Kari. He told me that he wanted to buy one for me but they didn't have any guliable plants at Home Depot. :D

    I came home to find the porch painted a happy yellow. It's taken a few days to get used to but I really like the color and the beautiful glass all over too.
    I spent a few minutes at home checking e-mail and changing. Then I met up with some friends at Lina Mar beach. We were going to grab some Taco Bell, but ended up having an impromptu photo shoot first. Thanks to Dan, this moment was captured:
    I wish I had used fill flash on this shot. It is one of my faves from the beach that night.

    This is my absolute favorite!!! Kristi & I goofing off for Dan and the camera.
    Jenna joined us at Taco Bell and told us silly stories. Then we met up with some more friends at the local bowling alley. Apparently its super cheap after 9pm on Thursday!
    Trying to get a little artsy with the colorful bowling balls and point of view. It's so funny, I really can't handle anything heavier than an 8 lb ball.
    Jason managed to spell Kristi's name with a y and he ran out of space so my name read "Michell." I had so much fun. I even got two spares! I beat my usual score of 70 with an 89.
    It was hard to leave, but I had to go to work Friday, so we said our goodbyes.

    Friday morning was consumed with getting up early to start moving my small department to our new building. It didn't take me long to pack since I've only been there two weeks. I was very excited to have regularly sized desk.  Don't you love all of the plants on top of our fancy cubicles? I'll have to snap a photo of my desk on Monday, since this is my view sitting at my desk.
    A bunch of my coworkersand I piled into the car to go to lunch together. I love that Christine got stuck in the middle of the backseat. They are always talking about how small she is!
    Its was Rico's (the temp) last day, so 9 or 10 of us hung out at the local Chipotle.  I like the design of the water cups at Chipotle and how they say "H20 agua." I got a burrito in a bowl and asked for the tortilla on the side. :) Juice Squeeze is my replacement to soda these days. My favorite is Key Lime but my Trader Joe's doesn't carry that flavor.
    The afternoon was rather hectic at work. I had a meeting that went long and then I ran around getting things processed before everyone left for their weekend. I met up with a few people from work at El Torrito for Happy Hour. We sat outside, which was nice until the sun went down and the wind picked up. The strawberry margarita I ordered was just a little too cold for that. It was nice meeting more people outside of my department and getting to know others better.

    I drove home after the normal commute hour, which made the drive so very serene. This is my current favorite shirt!
    I spent the rest of Friday night looking through photos from this week. After some editing, I joined Dan and played with Luigi for a bit. I watched a dark comedy, Away We Go. I was curious about it because John Krasinski from The Office is in it and the DVD artwork caught my eye. It's quite random and very quirky. I found myself laughing during some very awkward scenes. And I was excited that I recognized some of the soundtrack from Michelle's blog!

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