Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mileage Check

I'll be celebrating 26 years in less than a month. I'll be the first to admit that I had forgotten about the list. Let's take a look to see what I still have to do!

25 Things Before 26

1. Travel yep!
2. brush up on my Spanish
3. design something cool yep!
4. learn to cook one meal
5. wear my glasses more yep!
6. continue to do less yep!
7. exercise heck yeah!
8. take a bookbinding class
9. save money yep!
10. take more pictures yep!
11. use my large format camera
12. finish sewing my portfolio
13. make glass beads
14. do more night photography yep!
15. sew something pretty
16. enter in a photo contest
17. simplify yep!
18. read yep!
19. give up soda sorta (cut back drastically)
20. go to the beach more often heck yeah!
21. get a website up with my portfolio
22. find a great gelataria on the peninsula yep!
23. be more carefree heck yeah!
24. eat lots of fruit yep!
25. buy a used car yep!

I still have about 35% of my list to blow through in the next 2.5 weeks. I think I can do it! Mostly ;) Have a great night.

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