Sunday, March 30, 2008

My fridge

Tomorrow is my last day as a design team member for EBB Creations. I am looking forward to their announcement at 5pm! Many of my friends have applied so I am anxiously waiting right there with them.

I'm almost caught up with reading blogs. I was excited to see that one of the Overlooked challenges is refrigerators! I took a photo last Easter that I adore. So here is our fridge from 2007.

Lets see... I am awaiting a replacement cell phone for my nearly 3 month old cell phone. It has a mind of its own and I really need to make phone calls with it.

Got a seat at Nikki Peterson's class (Get Your Paint On) on April 19th at Picture Me Perfect. I can't wait to get messy and have some fun! I've been neglecting my creativity and look forward to meeting a bunch of talented new people.

Dan cooked dinner for me on Friday and Saturday night! The poor guy has a cold and still wanted to do something wonderful. What a trooper.

Gotta love how it takes two nights to watch a movie. I've been itching to watch one of my all time favorites, Under the Tuscan Sun. Some day I'll get to visit Italy. I found time to watch Bee Movie. It was cute but there were a few walk cycles that didn't impress me (the humans of course). I'd definitely suggest it as a rental. Other movies I want to see: Sweeny Todd, Dan in Real Life, and The Fountain.

And I am incredibly excited about the launch of two new blogs. Because two whores decided to delete their myspace, they decided to create the blog We Scrap Better. All of us will be posting inspiration and tips on a regular basis. Kristi created Say It In Scrap and her first challenge is posted April 4th so be sure to check that out.

I tried to order new glasses this weekend at Costco. When they saw my prescription and explained to me that my lenses would be 3x the thickest example they had there I decided to leave. Dan suggested Lasix surgery. I have never wanted to have eye surgery but this experience reminded me why I prefer contacts over my glasses. So for those of you glasses wearers, can anyone beat an index of 12? I dare you to try! ;D

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Youer than you-Scrap Mojo

Challenge #11 is posted over at Scrap Mojo! It's Dr. Seuss month and the girls did such an amazing job! I haven't had time for much of anything so I still have a bit of embellishing that I want to do on this. I'm a goof ball and I'm not afraid to hide it. These photos are pure evidence of that.

Speaking of Dr. Seuss, I am dying to see the movie Horton Hears a Who. I bet its amazing. Anyone had the pleasure of seeing it yet? Its just a matter of priorities. Today has been a 12 hour work day not including almost 3 hours of driving.

I was so happy to sit and watch Enchanted last night. What a funny movie! I love it when a company is big enough to poke fun at their previous work (amazing as it is). If you haven't seen it yet, check it out. Just remember, it is a Disney movie! Dan bought A Bee Movie the other week and that's on my next to be watched list. Can't wait to see Marlon's name in the credits. I know he worked on it and I hope he made it into the credits.

I went scrapbook shopping on my lunch break on Monday and I went crazy! Its been a long time since I've really shopped that way. I finally grabbed some American Crafts 12x12 D ring albums. I can't wait to move my 2007 and 2008 pages into them. It was a little crazy because I only had a few minutes to shop at the Scrapbook Island 0nce I got there. I'm still unfamiliar with the area so I got disoriented. :D I'll post pictures of my purchases when I get home when the sun is still out.

Happy mail has been arriving a lot lately. I got in two orders of lovely Fancy Pants and Pink Paislee from EBB Creations, as well as lots of stuff from Everything Scrappn. Now I just need to sit and create!

I decorated my cubicle with a little bit of Hambly too. Really just put two overlays up with pushpins.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

The best way to spend your Friday night is playing Rock band and Guitar Hero at Kristi's! We had so much fun it was amazing. I just happened to catch Kristi cracking up.

I love our goofy friends Bob & Krista!

Kristi on vocals, Bob on Bass, and me on drums!

I heart Fall Out Boy. Dan looked so cool as we were leaving!

I volunteered for the Princess Project on Saturday. I met Krissy and Janice and they were so sweet. I volunteered my photography skills. Hopefully they will be able to use some of my photos to promote the cause.

Zena was incredibly poplar with me today. She brought over Jello beans for easter! Such a pretty sight.

Had a total of 19 people at our house tonight. My Dad took the picture since he blinks if there is a flash in the same room.

And since dessert is my favorite part of any event, I thought I'd share our cute dessert table.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Things I've learned lately:
  • I can catch a super fast escape artist known as Jenna's hamster
  • I can get up before the sun!
  • I can make incredibly tight deadlines
  • My schooling really did pay off
  • Its all about networking
  • I miss scrapping as much and more than I imagined
  • I can post really short blogs. I doubt they are as fun as my usual posts.
Wish I had some pretty picture to post that I took recently. I haven't picked up any camera of mine in days. So instead I leave my lovely friends with fine example of why production rocks:

Photo taken at SFSU Animation lab April '07. Some day I'll have to upload this project and share it with you. :D

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelly!

The March EBB Kits are here. This is the wonderful main dish kit and I'm totally in love with it! It features the yummy new Manhattan line by Autumn Leaves. I haven't had much time to play with it but I love what I've seen.

I added American Crafts alpha thickers, silver stars from Daiso, and duck stationary from Daiso. This is a lift of my newest favorite artist, Nikki Peterson!

A project came up that I decided would be a wonderful experience. For the next 2-3 weeks I will be occupied with it. I apologize if I haven't responded to e-mails or read your blogs lately. Believe me I can't wait to catch up with all of you!

I did take a break long enough to celebrate Kelly's 23rd birthday last night. Happy Birthday Kelly! We had a fun time bowling in Palo Alto. From left to right: Ercilia, Ryan, Kelly, me, Andrew, Tiffany, and Jenna. Caroline and her beau were there too but they left before bowling was over.

Then we went back to Kelly's apartment for ice cream cake and relaxation. Hope everyone has a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A New Addition

EBB Creations just got in their Fancy Pants shipment. I can't wait for my order to arrive! Broke my stash diet. Oops. :)

Celebrated Jenna & Dad's birthday with the family in Redwood City on Sunday. Met Kenny's beautiful husky pup Nika. We love her eyes!

My cousins Ryan, Dominique, Nika, Kenny (Dom's beau), McKenna, Jenna, and Christina hanging out in the backyard.

I was completely spoiled last night. Dan made his amazing burritos last night for dinner. It was such a fun surprise. We watched Coyote Ugly and then Love Actually. We didn't feel like watching something new, that way I could scrap a little.

Took Grandma out to pick up a stained class lamp today. Then met Kelly at the theater to see The Other Boyeln Girl. I enjoyed the movie but wouldn't suggest eating anything during it. Both Natalie Portman & Scarlett Johansson acted wonderfully. Definitely a rental though.

Kristi tagged me. I'm not following the rules because I like breaking them. :) If you want to be, consider yourself tagged!

* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
* Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I own a pair of ice skates because I wanted to be a professional ice skater when I was younger.
2. I could eat breakfast for any meal, no matter what time it is.
3. My favorite class in high school was sewing.
4. I'm directionally challenged.
5. I'm really organized in a very chaotic way.
6. I was always asked if I played basketball as I was growing up because I was nearly 5'9" by 9th grade.
7.I listen to all kinds of music. Some of my favorites are Paramore, Frank Sinatra, and Enya.

Speaking of music, I found out today that the Matches are releasing their new CD on March 18th! You can catch their new tunes here.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mileage check

I'm half way to 24 and I just wanted to see how much I've completed from my list.

23 Things to do before 24
  1. sew my own purse
  2. relax in the sun yesiree!
  3. do more night photography
  4. use my large format camera in progress
  5. stay in touch with college friends check
  6. design my own scrapbook line
  7. make a design team check
  8. organize Mom's negatives
  9. make time for myself in progress
  10. complete my animation thesis
  11. introduce more color into my life check
  12. finish sewing my portfolio
  13. buy pants that fit me check
  14. drink more water in progress
  15. enjoy my home town check
  16. watch old movies check
  17. make glass beads again
  18. travel check
  19. volunteer in progress
  20. learn to cook some how I doubt that baking cupcakes counts...
  21. exercise check
  22. save money check
  23. find a job in progress
  24. be more carefree in progress
I still have some pretty major things to do in the next 6 months. Hope I can get er done!

Thursday night lab with Maureen was incredible! We learned how to do Polaroid transfers. There are two variations from this process. The first one is to expose an image (positive or negative) onto Polaroid film (669), boil the emulsion off, and then coax it onto a sheet of watercolor paper, while in water. Here is my favorite example. I just love how distressed the edges are.

The alternative way to make a Polaroid transfer is to expose the Polaroid film, cut off the chemical pack, open the exposure before it develops and place it face down on watercolor paper. Apply pressure for a short time to let it finish exposing. Slowly peel back and then you have this:
The film was expired so I got the neat cyan effect on the edges!

Did out annual Bennihana's trip with Jenny, Andrew, and Dan on Friday night. We had to wait an hour to be seated but at least we went to Burlingame instead of Japantown! We had some entertaining people seated across from us. It was like having our own reality show unfolding before our eyes. If you weren't watching but listening it sounded as though our neighbors should have been throwing $1's at their cook. No pictures since the birthday girl asked me to leave the camera at home. :)

Jenny & I talked about how badly I wanted some cute stationary and she suggested I check out Daiso at Serramonte. What a blast that was! I think I went a little overboard since I haven't been able to shop much lately! Aren't they cute?

Took BART to the Yerba Buena Ice Skating Rink in San Francisco to meet up with some friends from SFSU Animation. My heart sings when I'm with them! Amy is the incredible girl who organizes our monthly get togethers. She likes to call them Social Squitten's for some reason. Amy & Eric chilling on the ice:

The lovely Betty & Tyler ice skating beautifully.

One of the very few pictures of my with ice skates!

Kate showed up near the end of ice skating. I had planned to go back home and work on minimizing deadlines but I just had to hang out a bit longer! The whole group moved the fun to Buca di Beppo at 5th & Howard. I swear the people multiplied by the time we got there! Our table was a huge banquet size with about 20 people. We had so much fun catching up and meeting new friends.

Pizza with potato chips on it...? I heard it was yummy. I wasn't up for that adventure. Maybe some other time. ;)

Kate and I at dinner!

It's such a small world. Chris works with Kristi at IGN! He was a really entertaining guy to sit across from at dinner. At one point the waiters brought these huge canned peppers to our table. Clearly their to hold the pizza!!!!! It looks average in Chris's hands but that's because he's 6'6"!

I'm enjoying my weekend and I hope you are too!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Scrap Mojo and other scraps

Found this cool link about Polaroid film from Elsie's blog.

The newest challenge is up over at the Scrap Mojo Blog. Be sure to check out all of the amazing examples up. I'm thrilled to be working right alongside the girls. The challenge is to use "Oh the Places You'll go" and a print out of Dr. Seuss that's linked. Here's my take on it. I went past my normal amount of embellishing and had a lot of fun with it. I was thrilled to use some old stuff from my stash too.

I got my lovely happy cab stamp designed by Michelle. I am looking forward to using this puppy! I can't wait for her to make more stuff!

I made two more pages for Dan's album as part of his Valentine's gift. I adore how the first one turned out. These were lifts from a myspace group.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lots more photos from my past few weeks

Jenna brought home two Robo dwarf hamsters. They are half the size of our other ones we've had in the past. Their names are Major Sugar Smack and Corporal Fruit Loop. She also brought home a gold fish and named it Sidney Gunggerolf.

I met Lisa on Wednesday at You Name It and we antiqued for a while. I found some great sheet music with beautiful designs and an old copy of Treasure Island.

Then we had lunch at Taco Bell. I had to take a picture of her adorable polaroid camera shirt that she got from Charlotte's Russe.

Dan & I went to Chili's for dinner and they over compensated with our drinks. I've started a new rule that I can only drink from those mini Dixie cups. I fill up on drinks before I even get my food. And in case any one is wondering, i love my strawberry lemonades!

Thursday night we did experimented with Xerox transfers in Maureen's class. I had so much fun and really miss going out on photo shoots. I'll add photos of these since i haven't finished with them yet.

We celebrated Krista's birthday on Friday night with a bunch of friends at a Mexican restaurant in San Mateo. We had a great time just goofing off.

Went to lunch with my family on Saturday afternoon to celebrate my Dad's birthday. There was a huge storm coming in so we didn't want to go out for dinner. Ended up at Rock & Rob's in Rockaway Beach. Jenna had her normal chicken tenders. Mom & I did the grilled cheese sandwich. Yum! We had a relaxing family evening in watching the movie Michael Clayton. It was better than I expected.

Met Mom & Dad at the home & garden show after I got off work on Sunday. The three of us went to celebrate Dad's birthday at Trader Vic's. He loves the Pacific Island decor and great food. The food was great and the service was refreshing. Here are Mom & Dad in front of the restaurant.

I met up with a photographer on Monday to discuss building a photo retouching relationship with him. It was a unique experience. I beat my grandma at Scrabble by 40 points on Tuesday. I beat Kelley later online. It was a great feeling!

Wednesday I found out that I was needed for photo retouching at a publishing company so I was preparing for that. Dan took me to Mel's to celebrate my new job.

Thursday I worked the morning shift at the Christmas store and then ran home. Printed out my resume and then jetted over to San Mateo for my orientation at my new job. I met a ton of great people and several sweet dogs. Brad the dog was my official interviewer. He brought me a toy to play with and he's never done that with a stranger before... I was crazy enough to go to photo lab after work to talk with Maureen.

Friday was pretty low key. I watched Rob Schneider in Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo. That movie always makes me laugh. Went over to Kristi's on Saturday night to scrap the newest Scrap Mojo challenge. Had a great time talking and creating. I wish I took pictures but I was pretty involved in my project.

Monday was the big day for Jenna. We did presents in the morning and then we all went to work/school. I had my first full day at my new job. Met many more nice people. I really like the environment. Its really laid back and friendly. After work I met Mom, Dad, Jenna, Kelley, Aunt Sandra, Uncle Harry, Zena, & Dan at the Hong Kong Flower lounge. We had a pretty entertaining time. Jenna & Kelley managed to spill tea on the table. Aunt Sandra dropped beef into her beer and then continued to eat it. Oh and we can't forget how our waitress through Dan's napkin at him. They had different ideas of quality service.

We had dessert and more presents back at our house. Kelly & Tiffany joined in the festivities. Here's Jenna with her cake that Tiffany baked! If you're wondering about those native american dolls on the chair in the background...chalk it up to my mom's garage sale sprees.

Our required birthday goofy photo:

Went to Bing Crosby's restaurant in Walnut Creek with my grandma yesterday. She wanted to take me out to celebrate my newly acquired job. I'm so happy that Browntrout gave me a chance! And yes, that is a Shirley temple. I just love how they didn't make me dig for my cherry. Jenna must have told them I offend her with straws. ;)

Jenna, Tiffany & I drove to Redwood City to hang out with Kelly at her new studio apartment. We had a fun time eating pizza and hanging out. We watched American Idol and I am totally in love with David Archuleta's voice.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Birthday & Scrap Mojo

Today is Jenna's 20th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jenna! Hope you have a great day. Love you.

And, Scrap Mojo just announced that I made it to their design team. They will be posting sneaks any day now and be sure to check back for a great challenge on March 5th! Here is my glitter mustache photo for the team. I had a ton of fun with this photo shoot and really gave a shock to my mail man.

Off to work, more tomorrow!

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