Sunday, March 30, 2008

My fridge

Tomorrow is my last day as a design team member for EBB Creations. I am looking forward to their announcement at 5pm! Many of my friends have applied so I am anxiously waiting right there with them.

I'm almost caught up with reading blogs. I was excited to see that one of the Overlooked challenges is refrigerators! I took a photo last Easter that I adore. So here is our fridge from 2007.

Lets see... I am awaiting a replacement cell phone for my nearly 3 month old cell phone. It has a mind of its own and I really need to make phone calls with it.

Got a seat at Nikki Peterson's class (Get Your Paint On) on April 19th at Picture Me Perfect. I can't wait to get messy and have some fun! I've been neglecting my creativity and look forward to meeting a bunch of talented new people.

Dan cooked dinner for me on Friday and Saturday night! The poor guy has a cold and still wanted to do something wonderful. What a trooper.

Gotta love how it takes two nights to watch a movie. I've been itching to watch one of my all time favorites, Under the Tuscan Sun. Some day I'll get to visit Italy. I found time to watch Bee Movie. It was cute but there were a few walk cycles that didn't impress me (the humans of course). I'd definitely suggest it as a rental. Other movies I want to see: Sweeny Todd, Dan in Real Life, and The Fountain.

And I am incredibly excited about the launch of two new blogs. Because two whores decided to delete their myspace, they decided to create the blog We Scrap Better. All of us will be posting inspiration and tips on a regular basis. Kristi created Say It In Scrap and her first challenge is posted April 4th so be sure to check that out.

I tried to order new glasses this weekend at Costco. When they saw my prescription and explained to me that my lenses would be 3x the thickest example they had there I decided to leave. Dan suggested Lasix surgery. I have never wanted to have eye surgery but this experience reminded me why I prefer contacts over my glasses. So for those of you glasses wearers, can anyone beat an index of 12? I dare you to try! ;D


Michelle said...

Hah...we are one and the funny! Italy is the one place I'm dying to travel to....=) lol..And Dan in Real Life is great! Lovely pictures in this post...=)

Misty said...

let me try this again....stupid laptop!

I don't know my glasses prescription, but my contacts are -8.50 and -9.0.......pretty blind without them!

Glad you found sometime to enjoy yourself and hang out with Dan. I know you've been working like crazy. Can't wait til you get in a routine where we can chat more often.

Kristi said...

Okay, maybe I need to sign up for that class too.....hmm....

Thanks so much for Whoring me out! I heart you! :)

Dan in Real life was cute, Under the Tuscan Sun is totally one of my favorites! It makes me want to randomly move out of CA on a whim and start a whole new life!

nikki peterson said...

awesome! i can't wait. it is gonna be fun. i just bought all the stuff and man is there a lot!
get marie to sign up too! see ya soon!

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