Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

The best way to spend your Friday night is playing Rock band and Guitar Hero at Kristi's! We had so much fun it was amazing. I just happened to catch Kristi cracking up.

I love our goofy friends Bob & Krista!

Kristi on vocals, Bob on Bass, and me on drums!

I heart Fall Out Boy. Dan looked so cool as we were leaving!

I volunteered for the Princess Project on Saturday. I met Krissy and Janice and they were so sweet. I volunteered my photography skills. Hopefully they will be able to use some of my photos to promote the cause.

Zena was incredibly poplar with me today. She brought over Jello beans for easter! Such a pretty sight.

Had a total of 19 people at our house tonight. My Dad took the picture since he blinks if there is a flash in the same room.

And since dessert is my favorite part of any event, I thought I'd share our cute dessert table.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


Micayla said...

You have such fun filled days, I wanna join your club!
Glad you had a fab weekend, well I have two more days off, yay!
My mojo layout is done, the ironing needs doing and so does the housework. Looks like a busy one for me!

sarah said...

Those desserts look yummy! Sounds like a fun holiday! And I just cracked up at the pic of you playing the drums! Rock on!!!!!! LOL

dani j. said...

I have never ever heard of Jello Beans before! But they look so yummy!

Kristi said...

So much fun! I so love our group picture I want a copy of your pics!!!! I'll put mine on CD if you give me yours! :)

Holly said...

Those Jello beans look YUM! I've never seen them before, but they sure do make a purty picture. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter! :0)

Michelle said...

jello beans?? so cool!! Looks like you had an awesome Easter weekend!!

Unknown said...

Isn't Kristi always cracking up anyway lol. Looks like you had a good time. Hope you had a great easter

Unknown said...

Wow you always have so many friends and family around you! Lucky girl! Those jellies look yummy! Yay for Rockband!

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