Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lots more photos from my past few weeks

Jenna brought home two Robo dwarf hamsters. They are half the size of our other ones we've had in the past. Their names are Major Sugar Smack and Corporal Fruit Loop. She also brought home a gold fish and named it Sidney Gunggerolf.

I met Lisa on Wednesday at You Name It and we antiqued for a while. I found some great sheet music with beautiful designs and an old copy of Treasure Island.

Then we had lunch at Taco Bell. I had to take a picture of her adorable polaroid camera shirt that she got from Charlotte's Russe.

Dan & I went to Chili's for dinner and they over compensated with our drinks. I've started a new rule that I can only drink from those mini Dixie cups. I fill up on drinks before I even get my food. And in case any one is wondering, i love my strawberry lemonades!

Thursday night we did experimented with Xerox transfers in Maureen's class. I had so much fun and really miss going out on photo shoots. I'll add photos of these since i haven't finished with them yet.

We celebrated Krista's birthday on Friday night with a bunch of friends at a Mexican restaurant in San Mateo. We had a great time just goofing off.

Went to lunch with my family on Saturday afternoon to celebrate my Dad's birthday. There was a huge storm coming in so we didn't want to go out for dinner. Ended up at Rock & Rob's in Rockaway Beach. Jenna had her normal chicken tenders. Mom & I did the grilled cheese sandwich. Yum! We had a relaxing family evening in watching the movie Michael Clayton. It was better than I expected.

Met Mom & Dad at the home & garden show after I got off work on Sunday. The three of us went to celebrate Dad's birthday at Trader Vic's. He loves the Pacific Island decor and great food. The food was great and the service was refreshing. Here are Mom & Dad in front of the restaurant.

I met up with a photographer on Monday to discuss building a photo retouching relationship with him. It was a unique experience. I beat my grandma at Scrabble by 40 points on Tuesday. I beat Kelley later online. It was a great feeling!

Wednesday I found out that I was needed for photo retouching at a publishing company so I was preparing for that. Dan took me to Mel's to celebrate my new job.

Thursday I worked the morning shift at the Christmas store and then ran home. Printed out my resume and then jetted over to San Mateo for my orientation at my new job. I met a ton of great people and several sweet dogs. Brad the dog was my official interviewer. He brought me a toy to play with and he's never done that with a stranger before... I was crazy enough to go to photo lab after work to talk with Maureen.

Friday was pretty low key. I watched Rob Schneider in Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo. That movie always makes me laugh. Went over to Kristi's on Saturday night to scrap the newest Scrap Mojo challenge. Had a great time talking and creating. I wish I took pictures but I was pretty involved in my project.

Monday was the big day for Jenna. We did presents in the morning and then we all went to work/school. I had my first full day at my new job. Met many more nice people. I really like the environment. Its really laid back and friendly. After work I met Mom, Dad, Jenna, Kelley, Aunt Sandra, Uncle Harry, Zena, & Dan at the Hong Kong Flower lounge. We had a pretty entertaining time. Jenna & Kelley managed to spill tea on the table. Aunt Sandra dropped beef into her beer and then continued to eat it. Oh and we can't forget how our waitress through Dan's napkin at him. They had different ideas of quality service.

We had dessert and more presents back at our house. Kelly & Tiffany joined in the festivities. Here's Jenna with her cake that Tiffany baked! If you're wondering about those native american dolls on the chair in the background...chalk it up to my mom's garage sale sprees.

Our required birthday goofy photo:

Went to Bing Crosby's restaurant in Walnut Creek with my grandma yesterday. She wanted to take me out to celebrate my newly acquired job. I'm so happy that Browntrout gave me a chance! And yes, that is a Shirley temple. I just love how they didn't make me dig for my cherry. Jenna must have told them I offend her with straws. ;)

Jenna, Tiffany & I drove to Redwood City to hang out with Kelly at her new studio apartment. We had a fun time eating pizza and hanging out. We watched American Idol and I am totally in love with David Archuleta's voice.


dani j. said...

my goodness girl, your posts are always so full of stuff, you've got quite the social life!

I'm glad you got your gift certificate, now go spend it on some super fun things and make something pretty that I can drool over on here later! :P.

Kristi said...

Damn girl, that was a seriously long blog!

David Archuletta has a crazy advanced voice for a "happy" 16 year old, but David Cook is just pure hotness! Kelly and I call him "the Bon Jovi guy". Look at me all excited you watched idol....

Holly said...

Aren't you quite the social butterfly! ;0) Sounds like you had a great time lately! I only wish my life was as fun-filled, and glamorous! Tee hee!

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