Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mileage check

I'm half way to 24 and I just wanted to see how much I've completed from my list.

23 Things to do before 24
  1. sew my own purse
  2. relax in the sun yesiree!
  3. do more night photography
  4. use my large format camera in progress
  5. stay in touch with college friends check
  6. design my own scrapbook line
  7. make a design team check
  8. organize Mom's negatives
  9. make time for myself in progress
  10. complete my animation thesis
  11. introduce more color into my life check
  12. finish sewing my portfolio
  13. buy pants that fit me check
  14. drink more water in progress
  15. enjoy my home town check
  16. watch old movies check
  17. make glass beads again
  18. travel check
  19. volunteer in progress
  20. learn to cook some how I doubt that baking cupcakes counts...
  21. exercise check
  22. save money check
  23. find a job in progress
  24. be more carefree in progress
I still have some pretty major things to do in the next 6 months. Hope I can get er done!

Thursday night lab with Maureen was incredible! We learned how to do Polaroid transfers. There are two variations from this process. The first one is to expose an image (positive or negative) onto Polaroid film (669), boil the emulsion off, and then coax it onto a sheet of watercolor paper, while in water. Here is my favorite example. I just love how distressed the edges are.

The alternative way to make a Polaroid transfer is to expose the Polaroid film, cut off the chemical pack, open the exposure before it develops and place it face down on watercolor paper. Apply pressure for a short time to let it finish exposing. Slowly peel back and then you have this:
The film was expired so I got the neat cyan effect on the edges!

Did out annual Bennihana's trip with Jenny, Andrew, and Dan on Friday night. We had to wait an hour to be seated but at least we went to Burlingame instead of Japantown! We had some entertaining people seated across from us. It was like having our own reality show unfolding before our eyes. If you weren't watching but listening it sounded as though our neighbors should have been throwing $1's at their cook. No pictures since the birthday girl asked me to leave the camera at home. :)

Jenny & I talked about how badly I wanted some cute stationary and she suggested I check out Daiso at Serramonte. What a blast that was! I think I went a little overboard since I haven't been able to shop much lately! Aren't they cute?

Took BART to the Yerba Buena Ice Skating Rink in San Francisco to meet up with some friends from SFSU Animation. My heart sings when I'm with them! Amy is the incredible girl who organizes our monthly get togethers. She likes to call them Social Squitten's for some reason. Amy & Eric chilling on the ice:

The lovely Betty & Tyler ice skating beautifully.

One of the very few pictures of my with ice skates!

Kate showed up near the end of ice skating. I had planned to go back home and work on minimizing deadlines but I just had to hang out a bit longer! The whole group moved the fun to Buca di Beppo at 5th & Howard. I swear the people multiplied by the time we got there! Our table was a huge banquet size with about 20 people. We had so much fun catching up and meeting new friends.

Pizza with potato chips on it...? I heard it was yummy. I wasn't up for that adventure. Maybe some other time. ;)

Kate and I at dinner!

It's such a small world. Chris works with Kristi at IGN! He was a really entertaining guy to sit across from at dinner. At one point the waiters brought these huge canned peppers to our table. Clearly their to hold the pizza!!!!! It looks average in Chris's hands but that's because he's 6'6"!

I'm enjoying my weekend and I hope you are too!


Michelle said...

....animation thesis?? oh my word...sounds like a lot of work! all I had to do was finish my films and try to make a portfolio....!! =) Way to go on the list, though! yay! And it looks like you had lotsa fun this weekend! Loove the stationary! =)

micayla said...

OMG so much to take in, I dont know what to look at or take in.............yay!!!
I love that list, I wish I would of done one, well never too late!!

Kristi said...

Small world fo sho!

BTW you've been tagged, go check out my blog!

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

His name is Tyler, not Trevor! Anyway, I had a blast and I'm so glad you were able to make it! I hope you can make future events. Plan for it next time!!

Anonymous said...

ice skating! so much fun! too bad i couldn't be there. and that polaroid transfer thing looks sweet! cool cool

Holly said...

Dude! You're making me want to bust out my Polaroid machine and get to making some transfers! I haven't played at that in ages! Keep it up on your list...looks like you're doin' great! And, Buca di Beppo!?! I love that restaurant! Sadly, we don't have one here. But...*drool*

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