Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Things I've learned lately:
  • I can catch a super fast escape artist known as Jenna's hamster
  • I can get up before the sun!
  • I can make incredibly tight deadlines
  • My schooling really did pay off
  • Its all about networking
  • I miss scrapping as much and more than I imagined
  • I can post really short blogs. I doubt they are as fun as my usual posts.
Wish I had some pretty picture to post that I took recently. I haven't picked up any camera of mine in days. So instead I leave my lovely friends with fine example of why production rocks:

Photo taken at SFSU Animation lab April '07. Some day I'll have to upload this project and share it with you. :D


Kelly said...

We miss you silly girl!

dani j. said...

yay for a new post - even if it's not your usual long kind!

Michelle said...

....I spy animation desks!! Oh, how I miss them...=) I would love to see a project!! Also love the "I can get up before the sun!" line...he he..funny how production goes....hope everything is awesome!!

Kristi said...

Scrapping misses you too, lots! Maybe we'll get some scrappin' goodness accomplished tomorrow! Bring your camera, maybe we can do some silliness just for you to post on your blog! Teehee, we're nerds.

Oh, I did mention that Bob & Kris got Rock Band right? Hope Dan is coming too!

micayla said...

Looks like a fun place to be!
I too need to scrap more and play with my camera!

Holly said...

On the contrary, I thought this was a cute post! ;0) Enjoy your Easter weekend!

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