Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Balancing Act

First off, thanks for the comments wishing me good luck with my car. It worked! I picked up my car with help from Dan & my mom last night. My dad dropped it off at the mechanics on Monday so it got taken care of quickly.

I finally brought my camera to work and snapped some photos. I've had a few people asking to see pictures since we have some cool stuff. I love my white board and collecting drawings from my co-workers.

Here is my Ali Edwards inspired cork board. I got really excited about Togo's design on their bag. Its so visually pleasing. Today I brought in my lovely wind up spark dino that Kristi gave me for the Rainbow swap. It has brought many smiles to people's faces today.

My cube neighbor just added 3 more helicopters on Friday. I have to admit it was pretty entertaining to watch him put them up.

One of our conference rooms, Pearl Harbor:

Monday night I went to the Academy of Sciences lecture at the Jewish Cultural Center in San Francisco. Dan, Zena, Joss & I celebrated Joss's birthday at Pasta Pomodoro. I've always admired their art work. I had to take a photo inspired by this.

Lately I've been struggling a bit with finding balance between work, family & friends, and time for myself. I started making more of an effort to exercise. Even though it was 50* outside and 20 mph winds (with a really cold wind chill), I still made it out to Linda Mar Beach for a brisk walk. Also watched some more hilarious friends episodes. I think the best feeling is to laugh so hard that you can't stop.

I'm also trying to get better with blogging. I really like the fact that some new people are stopping by to say hi. I was thinking that I'll start up something once a week where I have a little photo tip. If you have any questions about problems with your camera or something else regarding photography, leave it in the comments section.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rock Band!

My favorite part of the day is coming home to mail. I came home to find cards from Michelle & Chez. The cute monsters and color make me so happy! Thanks girls. :D

This fun bucket was waiting for me when Dan & I arrived at Kristi's house on Friday. We had a lot of fun with the wind up dinosaur and sticky hand. Kristi put such a fun twist on this rainbow swap. Thanks Kristi!

I'm working on a project that involves passing along something so I gave Kristi a few "tattoos." I thought it was really cute with her fun shirt.

Dan surprised us with Rock Band Friday night. We had played KB's previously, but its more fun when it is your own! Kristi has some fun photos on her flickr account.

Saturday I went to the 25th Avenue Gallery in San Mateo to see some of my friends photos. One of the photographers was showing a print from a shoot I modeled for back in September. I got so inspired by all the photos.

I decided that Dan & I should take a drive down the coast. It is one of my most favorite relaxing things to do. We went to our normal place to get the yummiest Garlic bread & Artichoke bread at Arcangeli Grocery store. Then watched the waves at Pescadero beach before we headed over to the Broiler Express in San Carlos. I have never been to such a diverse restaurant. If you don't know what type of food you want this is the place to go since they have it all.

I got in my car after work yesterday to find it wouldn't start. I had problems with it the day before so I wasn't surprised. Dan picked me up and took me out to Chevy's. Don't even get me started on how delicious their tortillas are. We ended the evening with some of our favorite Friend's episodes- the one where Ross over whitens his teeth & the one where Rachel messes up Thanksgiving Dessert.

Friday, April 25, 2008


I haven't mentioned how much I love going out to lunch with the Video Dept. They always crack me up. I get teased a ton but I'm used to it. Last night my boss tried to tell me that the word gullible wasn't in the dictionary. That one always makes me laugh.

I love Fridays at work because that means it is bagel day. Mmm nummy nummy.

My co-worker's wives rock. They are always sending in food for us. Last night we had fresh chocolate chip cookies, snicker doodles, and lemon bars. And if that wasn't enough, I came in this morning to find that another person brought in homemade cookie/scones. Last week we had cream puffs and then a beer bash in the afternoon. My client was in so I didn't spend much time there but I did grab some vegetables, chips and IBC Rootbeer.

I was introduced to a camera store that I had never been to before. I have to say it looked huge from the outside so I was disappointed with how little there was inside. I do like the composition of the photo I took with my horrible camera phone. This composition is called off- center horizon. All that means is that you purposely place the horizon not in the center off the photo.

So how do you feel about the music on the blog? Is it too much or do you like it? I put it on so I could enjoy some music while working when my iPod's battery died the other day. Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nine in the Afternoon

Two layouts in two hours? No way, not MJ! Oh yes, in Nikki Peterson's class! She is one of the coolest people I've met. She's a really fun person with great stories. She was so inspiring and I actually scrapped the fastest ever! I hope to make it a habit of mine. I had such a great time hanging out at Picture Me Perfect. Oh, and my new glasses arrived :).

My new favorite lo of me, Eva, and her lovelies in a photo booth from January.

This is a reference to renaissance proportions. Artists believed that the ideal proportion was 7 1/2-8 heads to body length. I found out in art class that I fit that. My friend Anders makes fun of me for having a longer torso than him. When I sit next to him, (he's 6'4") I'm taller than him and I'm 5'9". So there is my random fact of the day.

So I did a little shopping while I was at the store. And when I say a little I really mean a ton. I love seeing product in person!

My Elle's Studio order came in so I can finish up a project that I started a month ago! I adore her style. YUM!

After my class I drove to Danville and met Dan at his father's families house. It was so wonderful to see everyone. It had been three whole months!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What the blog?

Last week was ridiculously crazy. Sorry for the lack of blogging. I'll make up for it this week, I hope! So here is what Kristi and I were scrapping last Sunday:

Challenge 13 is up at Scrap Mojo. I loved this challenge! We had to use a song title from the Juno soundtrack and marketing posters from Juno as inspiration. This was a photo form one of my all time favorite summer days last year.

Journaling reads: Mike koalafying himself at Fisherman's Wharf.

I've been slowly watching movies... Last week I watched a hilarious older movie called the Full Monty. Watch it if you haven't yet! I adored finally seeing Into the Wild. It was one of my favorite books in high school and I think that Emile Hirsch was an incredible actor for the part. The cinematography really surprised me. Go out and rent it this minute! Finally watched Dazed & Confused. I was so surprised by how many people were in that movie. I watched The Darjeeling Limited and really liked all of the color but have to admit I was a little let down after all of the hype.

Wednesday I was assigned to a website project so things were crazy from then on. Thursday I got assigned to yet another video project. Both of these are in the "opportunity" phase so its not official.

I stayed at Jessica's apartment Thursday night due to very early meetings for Friday. We went out to dinner at Johnny Rockets and then we closed Target shopping for work clothes and baby shower items.

I stayed in on my lunch break on Friday and finished up my Scrap Mojo lo. I had so much fun and it totally de-stressed me. I loved having such a creative mess at my desk.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Magic Hour

Here is a birthday card I made for Kelly back in March. Its mainly Heidi Swapp & K&Co products. The paper is from their wedding line. I thought it would be a good challenge to use it on something non-wedding!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a heat wave in the bay area and it was beautiful. It is rarely ever 75* in Pacifica. Everyone decided to head out to the beach to cool off so it was difficult to go anywhere!

I headed down to the Scrapbook Depot for Carina's birthday sale. I was one of the lucky first 38 women to get 38% off of my purchases! I went a little crazy because I haven't gone shopping there for a long while.

Dan & I went to Mel's Diner on Geary for dinner. It was so weird being there when it was still light outside. I love this time of the year! There is something about their scalloped paper place mats that inspires me. I passed the time by drawing sketches of my ideas for the upcoming Mojo challenge.

On our way back home we saw this cool building. I like the font and colors a lot.

We stopped at St. Ignatius so I could get a photo during "magic hour." I have a self portrait from August that I took at night. You can see it here. Magic hour is that time when the sun is low in the sky. Most of my photos are taken during magic hour because I really like how they turn out. To learn more about this kind of lighting click here. Is there interest in learning more about photography techniques and tips? I'd love to share if so. Just drop me a line and ask me a question. Or just say yes more please! :)

Kristi & I scrapped for a few hours last night. I always get more inspired when I'm with her. I'm really interested in learning how to use alcohol inks to distress my pages. I can't share what we worked on but I should be able to in 6 days or so. :) Hopefully I'll have some other projects completed before then.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Misty is having her baby, Madelyn Kate, this coming Tuesday. I am excited that I can finally share a few pages that I made for her A-Z baby album that the Amy put together. I made these 8x8 pages back in February.

Monday night I went to the symphony with Dan & Zena. We saw the amazing Anne-Sophie Mutter play the violin. WOW! I love the symphony hall and its beauty. I took a photo with my low quality camera phone.

Tuesday night Dan & I went to the San Jose State Event Center to see Jimmy Eat World and Paramore in concert. Here are my two favorite pictures from the night (again camera phone).

I hate going to concerts when they say no cameras allowed and then finding out they just don't want you to use the flash. I doubt they would have let me in with my big SLR anyway...

I had a grand time developing my black and white film that I shot on Saturday. I was so happy that I still know how to do it without ruining my film. It has been since August after all!

I am totally drooling over, is the sneak peeks from the Dozen's April Kit. Go check out Michelle's adorable work!

***** UPDATE*****

Everything Scrappn just got in the new Hambly! I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of these. Prices are 20% off for the first week! Show Heather some love. :D

Monday, April 7, 2008

Fort Point hurray!

Saturday was my first day off in two weeks. Of course I slept in! Then Jenna & I went shopping and picked out new glasses for me. Jenna picked out glasses that Chicken Little wears for herself. Luckily she didn't have her prescription with her! I can't wait for mine to arrive so I can share.

Then I decided to play photo tourist. I love that I can just go on a whim to San Francisco whenever. Fort Point National Historic Site has been on my list to see since Spring 2004! I was thrilled to finally go. I got some less cliche photos of the Golden Gate Bridge and the surrounding area of Fort Point. It was a beautiful day but really windy! I was most happy that I finally shot black and white film. I'm looking forward to developing it tomorrow night at lab. I'll upload more to my flickr later.

Then I went to the Beach Chalet to celebrate Jessica's 24th Birthday. Here she is opening a huge present from Lilly & Katie.

We went bowling at Serra Bowl. From left to right: Maria, Peggy, Jessica, me, Lilly, and Katie. We had a fun time.

My photo retouching job has come to an end so I will have a tad more time for my paper crafting and social life. Still incredibly busy with my associate producer job and I am loving it! That's all for now! I really look forward to reading all of your wonderful comments. They brighten my day!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Scrap Mojo Office Lingo

Happy Birthday to Jessica & Josiah today! Jessica is 24 and Josiah is 1. I hope you have wonderful birthday celebrations.

Challenge #12 is up over at Scrap Mojo. The challenge is to use office lingo and office supplies.
Journaling reads:
Anyone that knows me knows that I don't really drink. I jumped at the chance to photograph & design a label for a local wine shop.

Products used:
Love Elsie Claire pp
Love Elsie Zoe pp
Fancy Pants About A Boy pp
KI Memories Swirl lace pp
Scenic Route pp (cut out flowers)
"Note to Self" & "Just Thought You Should Know" post its from Urban Outfitters
7 gypsies date stamp
Heidi Swapp alpha stickers
Mary Engelbreit Red alpha stickers
Lil Davis' binder clip
paper clip
Jet Black Staz On ink
Black Glaze pen
Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber Citrus
Turquoise Stickles

I watched Dan in Real Life on Monday night with my parents. We all laughed so hard. If you haven't seen it yet, you have to! Its really great for all ages. The writing is a little corny at times but it makes it even funnier.

I'll be posting lots of photos tomorrow from yesterday so look for a big post!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Exciting things!

I finally took photos of two happy mail items. The Pile of Paper is from the amazing store One Good Bumblebee. I drool every time I look at this! I've wanted this for a while now.

New Hambly is arriving in stores. This was my retail therapy from last Monday. I got this from a LSS in San Jose.

The new EBB Creations Design Team was announced and I am thrilled to say that all of my friends are so talented! They all made it! You can check them out here! I guess today is a post about friends because I am thrilled for Melissa for winning this! And I always get really excited when I see that a dear friend of mine has made it to the Catwalk over at SIStv. Congrats Michelle!

The winner of Scrap Mojo's most recent challenge will be posted tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that! Challenge #12 will be posted on the 5th!

EBB is having a live chat with Rachel & Holly of Pink Paislee at 6pm PST tonight in their chat room. I'm so happy to get to talk to them again. I literally hung out at their booth at CHA for hours! Stop by and have some fun with us!

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