Sunday, April 20, 2008

What the blog?

Last week was ridiculously crazy. Sorry for the lack of blogging. I'll make up for it this week, I hope! So here is what Kristi and I were scrapping last Sunday:

Challenge 13 is up at Scrap Mojo. I loved this challenge! We had to use a song title from the Juno soundtrack and marketing posters from Juno as inspiration. This was a photo form one of my all time favorite summer days last year.

Journaling reads: Mike koalafying himself at Fisherman's Wharf.

I've been slowly watching movies... Last week I watched a hilarious older movie called the Full Monty. Watch it if you haven't yet! I adored finally seeing Into the Wild. It was one of my favorite books in high school and I think that Emile Hirsch was an incredible actor for the part. The cinematography really surprised me. Go out and rent it this minute! Finally watched Dazed & Confused. I was so surprised by how many people were in that movie. I watched The Darjeeling Limited and really liked all of the color but have to admit I was a little let down after all of the hype.

Wednesday I was assigned to a website project so things were crazy from then on. Thursday I got assigned to yet another video project. Both of these are in the "opportunity" phase so its not official.

I stayed at Jessica's apartment Thursday night due to very early meetings for Friday. We went out to dinner at Johnny Rockets and then we closed Target shopping for work clothes and baby shower items.

I stayed in on my lunch break on Friday and finished up my Scrap Mojo lo. I had so much fun and it totally de-stressed me. I loved having such a creative mess at my desk.


Dani said...

I LOVED into the wild, I'd heard mixed things about it, but I really enjoyed it!

I was so bummed to miss out on the Dozens kit.... but that's how it goes sometimes!

ThePeachTree said...

Love the tree hugger!

Marie said...

First i love dazend and confused and full monty. I need to see the other movies you mentioned and i love your tree hugger lo! Sooo fun! Im sorry i didnt get to come on sat but you know why. I will be going to the one in may tho. I know you probably cant go and why would u since you already went but just puttin it out there lol! :) Also going to nsd over at suzys that should be a fun one.

Michelle said...

Omigosh..that tree hugger picture is so fun!! Lovely page, girl...=) And I know all about that "oppurtunity" phase, argh...Hope life settles down for you soon!! =)

Michelle said...

AND...I forgot to say that it's too funny we both just watched "The Full Monty"...we're twins, I tell ya...twins. lol..

Jill Deiling said...

wow, sounds like youve been busy! I hope you get more time this week for scrapping and blogging :) LOVE your new lo too, its awesome!

Lizee said...

ok...ill make sure to add into the wild on my blockbuster quere.
glad u used the CA card looks super cute:)

Babydoll said...

That picture is hilarious!!!

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