Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Balancing Act

First off, thanks for the comments wishing me good luck with my car. It worked! I picked up my car with help from Dan & my mom last night. My dad dropped it off at the mechanics on Monday so it got taken care of quickly.

I finally brought my camera to work and snapped some photos. I've had a few people asking to see pictures since we have some cool stuff. I love my white board and collecting drawings from my co-workers.

Here is my Ali Edwards inspired cork board. I got really excited about Togo's design on their bag. Its so visually pleasing. Today I brought in my lovely wind up spark dino that Kristi gave me for the Rainbow swap. It has brought many smiles to people's faces today.

My cube neighbor just added 3 more helicopters on Friday. I have to admit it was pretty entertaining to watch him put them up.

One of our conference rooms, Pearl Harbor:

Monday night I went to the Academy of Sciences lecture at the Jewish Cultural Center in San Francisco. Dan, Zena, Joss & I celebrated Joss's birthday at Pasta Pomodoro. I've always admired their art work. I had to take a photo inspired by this.

Lately I've been struggling a bit with finding balance between work, family & friends, and time for myself. I started making more of an effort to exercise. Even though it was 50* outside and 20 mph winds (with a really cold wind chill), I still made it out to Linda Mar Beach for a brisk walk. Also watched some more hilarious friends episodes. I think the best feeling is to laugh so hard that you can't stop.

I'm also trying to get better with blogging. I really like the fact that some new people are stopping by to say hi. I was thinking that I'll start up something once a week where I have a little photo tip. If you have any questions about problems with your camera or something else regarding photography, leave it in the comments section.


Babydoll said...

Would love to read about the camera tips!! I'm always looking for those. :o) Love the pics from work. Looks like a fun place to be.

Dani said...

I'm struggling with the balance stuff too right now...

cool cork board!

love the photo tip suggestion, I'm up for any and all tips though, I don't have a specific question!

Rachel said...

Love the Ali E cork board :)

Jill Deiling said...

sounds like youve been busy, but youre good at managing your time! Can you teach me to be like you?? lol! i like your work pics :)

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