Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a New Style

Kelly came over and hung out with Jenna and I on Friday night. We played dress up with my great Aunt's mumus. Priceless memories that we'll never forget.

On Sunday we celebrated my Aunt Jean's birthday in Redwood City. I always love going to their house. For dessert we had chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate cake, and ice cream. Here is my Aunt Jean and my Uncle Pat serving dessert.

I played scrabble with my grandma on Tuesday and nearly beat her! I played the word "Zoned" on a triple word score. I beat her for about 4 plays before she ended up winning (by only 30 points). I'm getting better!

I made a 6x12 chipboard album for Jen. I'll be making a lot more of this once my order of chipboard arrives. I can't wait to start doing 6x12 layouts. I plan to list a few on my etsy for $10.

I watched the movie Stardust and was really inspired by the art direction. I've always been a big fan of Claire Danes too. Also watched a cute chick flick called In The Land of Women with Adam Brody in it. We enjoyed watching 310 to Yuma. The story was very touching and the actors were casted well! Leo lent me a musical documentary that I loved called Colma: The Musical. Jenna even recognized one of her classmates father in it!

Dan & I went to see Juno. I laughed so hard and cried too. I really identified with Juno's sense of humor. The writing was really well done and I loved the student film feel to it.

Lisa & I went and got our hair cut today. Before:


We decided to take pictures at the Holy Cross cemetery (Colma) and found Joe DiMaggio's grave!

I adore Lisa's hair cut. Its so perfect for her. We picked it out of magazine while we were waiting.

Its convenient that we are both photographers. I decided it was time for a change. I'll be going to CHA in 9 days and I wanted to have a cute style for the millions of pictures I'll be snapping.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Paper Adventure

I enroll myself in photo classes at a local community college to keep me motivated to take black and white photographs. I had photo lab on Thursday night with Maureen Delaney. I didn't have her last semester because Skyline College was being weird. I'm so happy to have her back. She is so incredibly inspiring and fun to talk to. Photo by Maureen. After class Dan & I braved the cold to have dinner at Chili's. We had a good time.

I had a pretty craft weekend. I can't share some of it because they are gifts. I should be able to show some stuff by the end of February. I heart 8x8! I started my paper adventure as well. Here is the cover of the book and my first page for balance. I used a lot of left over scraps and it felt great!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Eva!

Happy 24th Birthday Eva! I hope you have a wonderful celebration. Eva, Elizabeth, Josiah, and I went to BJ's Brewery for lunch yesterday. We had a fun time. We played in the kids area of Tanforan mall and then watched Elizabeth ride an ice cream truck and a helicopter coin operated ride.

We couldn't pass up the photo booth! I love Josiah's facial expression in the first frame and the sweet hugs in frames three and four. We had a great day!
Here is a layout that I did for a lift challenge through a group on myspace. Journaling is about how amazing the Incredibles movie is. Its been raining a lot here so I'll take better pictures of the layouts when its not so wet. Its supposed to flood here due to 3" in less than two days!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RAK Winners and Rock Climbing

The RAK winners were chosen randomly from a hat and they are:

Kristi won the Action Sampler camera
won the digital book
and Sarah won the Valentine's RAK

Congrats to you all. Please e-mail me at with your mailing address. Thanks for all of the sweet comments! I really enjoyed reading them all and look forward to reading new blogs.

I have a challenge up at EBB this week to lift this lo by the talented Michelle Clement. Here is my take on it. I also combined it with a challenge that Elsie had back in August. I had my list from back then but didn't get to scrap it until now.

23 Things to do before 24
  1. sew my own purse
  2. relax in the sun
  3. do more night photography
  4. use my large format camera
  5. stay in touch with college friends
  6. design my own scrapbook line
  7. make a design team
  8. organize Mom's negatives
  9. make time for myself
  10. complete my animation thesis
  11. introduce more color into my life
  12. finish sewing my portfolio
  13. buy pants that fit me
  14. drink more water
  15. enjoy my home town
  16. watch old movies
  17. make glass beads again
  18. travel
  19. volunteer
  20. learn to cook
  21. exercise
  22. save money
  23. find a job
  24. be more carefree
So I have done some of these since I made my list in August. I do have a few big projects on there that I have not gotten to so this will be my reminder to get cracking!

Went rock climbing at Mission Cliffs with some animation buddies. Here is Amy belaying Romero and Betty close at hand.

Amy was great in getting this photo of me as I started my climb. I love adrenaline and that helped me put off my fear of heights...until I had to come back down.

So this is what my Friday night looks like after a few hours of physical exhaustion. Yes, we got a Fall Out Boy face plate for our guitar and its yummy! Beat a few levels that night.

The games continued Saturday night at Kristi's house. Our original plan was to scrap for a few hours and then we thought, lets have the boys hang out and they can play XBox 360. I did manage to start the layout above. We had a blast hanging out with Krista and Bob. I adore them so!

Gary, Mom, Dad, and I went out to dinner at Portafino's so he could see Jenna even though she had to work. We had a nice visit and Mom spent most of the time taking photos and sort videos with her new phone.

Kelly joined me at the movie theater to see 27 Dresses and I have to say that I loved it! Nothing like seeing a feel good chick flick after a hard weeks work. I would highly suggest it as a rental if you can't make it to the theater. I'm a James Marsden fan now. :)

I have seen some other great movies that are worth mentioning. I'm harboring a small crush on Gregory Peck after having seen To Kill A Mockingbird.The story and the acting are equally amazing. Enjoyed seeing Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino playing a blind man. It took some time before I was able to get into his character but once I did, oh boy! I was thrilled to hear a famous quote and make the connection that it was from this movie. Just finished watching a documentary on Chuck Jones and think he is one of the coolest men of all times. If you ever need any creative inspiration for anything, check out The Magical World of Chuck Jones.

Photo class started tonight. Might I add that it is a black and white film class. I couldn't help be amused by two of my class mates looking at pictures on a digital camera. I still can't believe Doug went to Prague and didn't bring his 35mm!

Friday, January 18, 2008

100th post & RAK

I'm so happy that today is my 100th post. I have a few pictures, some daily stuff, and some prizes. :)

Here is a necklace I wire wrapped for my mom for Christmas. Its very similar to a necklace I made for Zena. My mom saw the necklace I was making and fell in love with the colors.

Went to Mel's for dinner on Wednesday night. They put in mini juke boxes at each table about a year ago. It was still playing Blue Christmas by Elvis.

MacWorld was in San Francisco this week. It was my first year not attending. A bunch of my friends went so I met Eric & his friend for Sushi. I'm not very daring so I got California rolls and teriyaki chicken.

Eric & I at the Yerba Buena Gardens. The waterfall behind us is a Martin Luther King Memorial.

After Sushi we went to the Cartoon Museum. I have always wanted to go there but never had the chance. I was thrilled to see an original drawing of Gertie the Dinosaur and a Mary Blair exhibit. Mary was the concept artist for Cinderella, Alice & Wonderland, and Its a Small World (the ride).

Now for some prizes. You have until Wednesday night to leave a comment with your name and if you have a preference for one of the RAK's. I'd love to hear from anyone whose been lurking.

The first one is a fun lomo action camera. It takes four photos inside one sheet of 35mm frame. You can check out more about the camera here.

I'll pick a second person to win this book:

And finally, the third winner will receive a Valentine kit that I put together. Sorry for the bad lighting. It rained today.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The January EBB Kit is here!

This month's kit includes the prettiest papers from the Fancy Pants Crush line. I had so much fun working with it! You can buy it here for $15.99.

Kyle sent me some pictures from the photo shoot I did with him and his siblings. He did the editing since it was so close to Christmas. This is my most favorite portrait I've ever taken. I have more posted on my flickr account.

Jenna, Jeff, Kelley, and I went to Chevy's for some Saturday night fun. We played a hot game of scrabble and spent some quality cousin time together.

Jenny stopped by my work on Sunday and it was so great to see her. We talked for about an hour and I'm hoping we'll be able to hang out more often now that my schedule has calmed down a bit. After work I drove over to Danville and played guitar hero 3 with Gabriella and Chesco.

I met Valerie at Barnes & Noble Monday evening to discuss our Wedding videography company. We're going to be shooting a wedding on Valentine's day in Jenner, Ca (2 hour drive north of SF). Dan met us for dinner at BJ's Brewery and then Valerie and i went shopping for jeans. And we actually found some that fit! I bought two pairs because its such a rare occasion. I'm loving my new Levi's.

I've been playing scrabble a lot lately for practice. I played my grandma after a week of playing about 4 games and we both saw a big improvement. She still beat me by a landslide so I still have a ways to go!

I got this in the mail yesterday and laughed my head off. Why shouldn't I change my spelling to Mi Cha and still pronounce my name Michelle?

My next post will be my 100th post so be sure to check back for a RAK and some other fun stuff!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

more polaroids and a new phone

Wednesday Jenna & I visited Kristi at her work so I could borrow some paint that I had used on Saturday. I brought my polaroid camera and the camera Michelle made me so Kristi could see it. Here she is holding the beauty!

Jenna goofing off in the elevator after visiting Kristi. We love the polaroid camera!

Lisa stopped by on Wednesday evening and we had fun catching up. I adore how this photo captured her true personality.

We got Guitar Hero 2 and Brain Age 2. This amount of video games is most likely unhealthy. I'm making up for the time I would have spent if I hadn't had so much homework in college. ;)

Thursday I went on a two hour walk from Kelly's house to Rockaway Beach while it was misting. What an experience we had. Never a dull moment when you pair the Jacquemet girls with Kelly!

Sandy is the best! My new RAZR V3xx arrived Friday morning and I'm so happy to have a phone working properly. I'm completely in love with my two rings tones. I have Hallelujah by Paramore and Big Casino by Jimmy Eat World. And we got unlimited texting!

Kelly surprised me by coming over to scrap on Friday morning. I told her its all I'd be doing aside from work. I finished me second lo for the January EBB kit and can't wait until the 15th when I can share. I watched some great movies while scrapping. I love Ashley Judd in Someone Like You. I enjoyed His Girl Friday, and the Simpsons. I also watched Closer and wasn't impressed with the story line. I love 3/4 of the actors so I thought it would be amazing and I was disappointed.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some inspiration

One of my most avid readers sent me some photos taken in her hometown in Fredricksburg, Texas and I wanted to share one even if its after the holidays. I love lights and wish people would keep them up year round. Photo by my Aunt Virgina.

This weeks schedule is a little messed up because Leo is in Atlanta ordering tons of stuff for this coming year. When I haven't been working I've been sitting at the dining room table working on some stuff for the January EBB kit. I'm a super slow scrapper so I'm still working with it and won't post anything until the 15th. This is my favorite kit so far! Here is my favorite section of the table right now:

Jenna joined me in Walnut Creek on Wednesday to visit grandma. We had so much fun playing scrabble. I lost miserably but had such a blast doing it! Jenna was such a crack up. I swear I laughed so hard I could skip my sit ups for the day.

She really wanted to play the word "Baqua" and we let her place it down so I could snap a shot. Small shout out to those at PVS today!

There are lots of inspiring challenges going on right now. The first one is the Overlooked challenge which I've already begun, and the second is the Paper Adventure which I hope to start shortly. There are so many incredible entries! I love how wonderful blogs are. Congrats to Michelle Clement for winning Elsie's challenge. I'm thrilled for you! I bet you'll get tons more traffic to your blog because of it. :)

It had continued storming here but luckily there is no further damage. I do change on average three times daily from my clothes getting so wet. I don't mind it as long as I have power and warm, dry clothing.

I really enjoy reading all of your comments so I want to thank you for them! They bring such happiness to my day to know that people are reading this and hopefully getting inspired.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy 92nd Birthday Helen!

Dan's grandma turned 92 yesterday. We celebrated at Max's in Redwood City. I was thrilled that we were seated within viewing range of the desserts. We had key lime pie for Helen's birthday. Yum!

I'm always looking for something fun to photograph where ever I go. I loved the red light coming through my glass.

When I go shopping I try to remember my reusable canvas bag and my Trader Joe's bag. I leave them in my car so I don't use up so many plastic bags. I heard about a the baggubag and purchased three today (orange, peacock, and fuchsia). I can't wait to use these for everything. Check them out.

The most addicting game ever. Dan finally got a picture of me cracking up. Don't you love our healthy eating habits?

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