Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a New Style

Kelly came over and hung out with Jenna and I on Friday night. We played dress up with my great Aunt's mumus. Priceless memories that we'll never forget.

On Sunday we celebrated my Aunt Jean's birthday in Redwood City. I always love going to their house. For dessert we had chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate cake, and ice cream. Here is my Aunt Jean and my Uncle Pat serving dessert.

I played scrabble with my grandma on Tuesday and nearly beat her! I played the word "Zoned" on a triple word score. I beat her for about 4 plays before she ended up winning (by only 30 points). I'm getting better!

I made a 6x12 chipboard album for Jen. I'll be making a lot more of this once my order of chipboard arrives. I can't wait to start doing 6x12 layouts. I plan to list a few on my etsy for $10.

I watched the movie Stardust and was really inspired by the art direction. I've always been a big fan of Claire Danes too. Also watched a cute chick flick called In The Land of Women with Adam Brody in it. We enjoyed watching 310 to Yuma. The story was very touching and the actors were casted well! Leo lent me a musical documentary that I loved called Colma: The Musical. Jenna even recognized one of her classmates father in it!

Dan & I went to see Juno. I laughed so hard and cried too. I really identified with Juno's sense of humor. The writing was really well done and I loved the student film feel to it.

Lisa & I went and got our hair cut today. Before:


We decided to take pictures at the Holy Cross cemetery (Colma) and found Joe DiMaggio's grave!

I adore Lisa's hair cut. Its so perfect for her. We picked it out of magazine while we were waiting.

Its convenient that we are both photographers. I decided it was time for a change. I'll be going to CHA in 9 days and I wanted to have a cute style for the millions of pictures I'll be snapping.


Daniel said...


Misty said...

again, lovin the new hair cut. hope you have lots of fun at CHA. Can't wait to hear about it.

Lizee said...

look at that volume!
lovin the new hair cut :)

aja said...

ooops...put this in the wrong post...

i'm sooo jealous about CHA!
you totally have to check out Karen Russel's stuff for me (Narratives by Creative Imaginations). Maybe you could slip some of her stuff into you bag for me! (wink, wink)

**melissa lee** said...

LOVE the new haircut, Michelle!! It looks beautiful!

Have fun at CHA!!

Boriquaz said...

stardust was def a cute movie. iw ant to see some mumu pictures!

Jessica said...

aw you look so cute!!!!!

danilouwho said...

your hair looks so lovely!

Holly said...

Okay, I SO want one of those 6x12 albums! I have been searching FOREVER for something to store my 6x12 LO's in. Perfect! Lovin' your new haircut. And, again, so jelous of CHA! Check out the Maya Road booth for me. So far, they have the best peeks (at least, I think so).

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