Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RAK Winners and Rock Climbing

The RAK winners were chosen randomly from a hat and they are:

Kristi won the Action Sampler camera
won the digital book
and Sarah won the Valentine's RAK

Congrats to you all. Please e-mail me at with your mailing address. Thanks for all of the sweet comments! I really enjoyed reading them all and look forward to reading new blogs.

I have a challenge up at EBB this week to lift this lo by the talented Michelle Clement. Here is my take on it. I also combined it with a challenge that Elsie had back in August. I had my list from back then but didn't get to scrap it until now.

23 Things to do before 24
  1. sew my own purse
  2. relax in the sun
  3. do more night photography
  4. use my large format camera
  5. stay in touch with college friends
  6. design my own scrapbook line
  7. make a design team
  8. organize Mom's negatives
  9. make time for myself
  10. complete my animation thesis
  11. introduce more color into my life
  12. finish sewing my portfolio
  13. buy pants that fit me
  14. drink more water
  15. enjoy my home town
  16. watch old movies
  17. make glass beads again
  18. travel
  19. volunteer
  20. learn to cook
  21. exercise
  22. save money
  23. find a job
  24. be more carefree
So I have done some of these since I made my list in August. I do have a few big projects on there that I have not gotten to so this will be my reminder to get cracking!

Went rock climbing at Mission Cliffs with some animation buddies. Here is Amy belaying Romero and Betty close at hand.

Amy was great in getting this photo of me as I started my climb. I love adrenaline and that helped me put off my fear of heights...until I had to come back down.

So this is what my Friday night looks like after a few hours of physical exhaustion. Yes, we got a Fall Out Boy face plate for our guitar and its yummy! Beat a few levels that night.

The games continued Saturday night at Kristi's house. Our original plan was to scrap for a few hours and then we thought, lets have the boys hang out and they can play XBox 360. I did manage to start the layout above. We had a blast hanging out with Krista and Bob. I adore them so!

Gary, Mom, Dad, and I went out to dinner at Portafino's so he could see Jenna even though she had to work. We had a nice visit and Mom spent most of the time taking photos and sort videos with her new phone.

Kelly joined me at the movie theater to see 27 Dresses and I have to say that I loved it! Nothing like seeing a feel good chick flick after a hard weeks work. I would highly suggest it as a rental if you can't make it to the theater. I'm a James Marsden fan now. :)

I have seen some other great movies that are worth mentioning. I'm harboring a small crush on Gregory Peck after having seen To Kill A Mockingbird.The story and the acting are equally amazing. Enjoyed seeing Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino playing a blind man. It took some time before I was able to get into his character but once I did, oh boy! I was thrilled to hear a famous quote and make the connection that it was from this movie. Just finished watching a documentary on Chuck Jones and think he is one of the coolest men of all times. If you ever need any creative inspiration for anything, check out The Magical World of Chuck Jones.

Photo class started tonight. Might I add that it is a black and white film class. I couldn't help be amused by two of my class mates looking at pictures on a digital camera. I still can't believe Doug went to Prague and didn't bring his 35mm!


Gabrielle Beck said...

Congrats to the winners!

Great LO of 23 things before your 24! :)

Sunnymommie said...

YAYAYAYA! thank you so much!!

I love your Layout!! I need do that too... and also you have a great pictures... :)

hugies Katey

shaina said...

congrats to the winners!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Congrats winners!!!!!
I love Your LO.
The pix you shared are great!!!

Jenni said...

congrats to the winners!

I made a list too when Elsie posted that. I haven't made a layout about it yet, but seeing as my next b-day is in about 3 months, I doubt I'll finish even a third of the things on my list. :(

Kristi said...

I love your blogs. And yay me for winning! Your layout turned out fabulous, I had a great time with all of you over. I am definitely wanting to play guitar hero again so we'll have to find another weekend soon to crop!

Mrs. Chez said...

I hope you plan on scrappin that picture of you playing guitar hero lol

micayla said...

Congrats to the winners!
Looks like you have been busy since the last post! Yay for you!!
Fab layout and the list is great!

sarah said...

Thank you Michelle!!!!!
Wow, you are so busy, you make my head spin! LOL! I can't believe you climbed that huge wall, I think you must be crazy!!!!! :P

sally hanna said...

love your jack of michelle..oh and i so wish i didn't just read about guitar hero...soo addicting!

Marie said...

hahahahahahaha i love that pic of you !!

Daniel said...

Best picture of you ever :-p

Misty said...

you should make that your display pic on myspace!

Holly said...

Bwahahahaha! That pic of you playing Guitar Hero absolutely cracks me up! :0)

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