Thursday, January 3, 2008

Shake it like a polaroid picture

Here is a lo I did for Elsie's challenge.
Looking back on how I've grown during the past year...

A bracelet I made of Swarovski crystals and sterling silver wire for Jenna. She told me she wanted a simple yet elegant bracelet that went with countless outfits. Black and white it is!

I got completely spoiled with tons of cute pjs, shoes, slippers, polaroid cameras, dvds, scrapbooking stuff, and supplies for beadmaking. I will start lampworking once these crazy winds end. I also got some adorable knee high socks, scarves, a Nintendo DS and very addicting games like Brian Age! I even got some Hambly Christmas rub ons. I'm so thrilled to have an OTT true color craft light since we're getting into the storm season here in Northern California.

Polaroid of Jenna taken on Christmas morning.

Polaroid taken on New Years Eve of Kelly and Dan goofing off.

Another Happy New Years! photo of Me, Kelly, and Dan.

Met Eva, Elizabeth, Josiah, and Eva's mom Shannon for lunch at Tam's restaurant yesterday. Josiah was actually awake and had such personality! Elizabeth was very good so we took a nice long walk to get her an ice cream cone. She did not eat all of that!

Guitar Hero 3 arrived yesterday so Jenna, Kelly, and T met at Dan's house for a Guitar Hero marathon. That game is so addicting! We took pictures with Dan's camera so I'll add that later.


Misty said...

just said meet for lunch at blah blah blah for lunch. It was a bit repetitive!!

This is really more for Dan than you...
I know you're scared so you won't get Xbox live to play GHIII against me!! It's totally okay to admit your fears.

Now back to comments for you. Looks like you got a load of stuff from Christmas! glad you had a good holiday.

micayla said...

Love those pics, sooo fun and I am totally loving that layout!

Jessica said...

dude, you totally made out like a thief on christmas! i'm so jealous!!!

Boriquaz said...

Is that an I'm blogging this T-shirt or bag? Great pictures, I love polaroids!!! I got one for christmas.

Jenni said...

Looks like you had a good Christmas and are having lots of fun! Love the layout! :)

Michelle said...

aaw, such a cute page! You did a lot this year! =) yay! I spy the cutest card on that layout, too..he he...loving the polaroids, too!

Marie said...

Ok can we trade pressies?!?! Come on!!! LOL! You got some way awesome stuff girlie! You deserve it. That layout is great! I wanna play gh3! Ill kick ur butts! hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I really love that layout! I think I've left a comment about it on every site that I've seen it on!

and dannng girl! look at the haul you got on Christmas!

Guitar Hero - Most Addicting Game Ever.

Holly said...

Can I just say how totally jealous I am of your AWESOME Christmas presents?!? I want a DS so badly. I'm not that into video games...that's my husband's department. He has a DS, PSP, Playstation 2, vintage Atari, and Gamecube. But, I played my mom's DS while I was in Alaska, and I am HOOKED!!! And, I so want an OTT light. I got some Michael's gift cards for Christmas. Originally, they were intended to purchase the Making Memories storage rack/cabinet (the huge one). But, surprise, surprise...they were sold out by the time I got home, and won't be getting anymore. :0( It was a "seasonal" item only. So, I had to decide between an OTT light and the big Xyron machine that I have wanted forever. I got the Xyron. Holy long comment! Okay, I'll end this by saying...LOVE that LO!

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