Sunday, January 13, 2008

more polaroids and a new phone

Wednesday Jenna & I visited Kristi at her work so I could borrow some paint that I had used on Saturday. I brought my polaroid camera and the camera Michelle made me so Kristi could see it. Here she is holding the beauty!

Jenna goofing off in the elevator after visiting Kristi. We love the polaroid camera!

Lisa stopped by on Wednesday evening and we had fun catching up. I adore how this photo captured her true personality.

We got Guitar Hero 2 and Brain Age 2. This amount of video games is most likely unhealthy. I'm making up for the time I would have spent if I hadn't had so much homework in college. ;)

Thursday I went on a two hour walk from Kelly's house to Rockaway Beach while it was misting. What an experience we had. Never a dull moment when you pair the Jacquemet girls with Kelly!

Sandy is the best! My new RAZR V3xx arrived Friday morning and I'm so happy to have a phone working properly. I'm completely in love with my two rings tones. I have Hallelujah by Paramore and Big Casino by Jimmy Eat World. And we got unlimited texting!

Kelly surprised me by coming over to scrap on Friday morning. I told her its all I'd be doing aside from work. I finished me second lo for the January EBB kit and can't wait until the 15th when I can share. I watched some great movies while scrapping. I love Ashley Judd in Someone Like You. I enjoyed His Girl Friday, and the Simpsons. I also watched Closer and wasn't impressed with the story line. I love 3/4 of the actors so I thought it would be amazing and I was disappointed.


micayla said...

I love the camera pics, so fun and that new phone is rocking! I seriously need a new one!
Have a fab week girl!

Anonymous said...

What a fun blog to read...I find out cool stuff like the long walk to the beach...Love, Mom

Michelle said...

bah! that is sooooo guys with the camera...=) he he...and the Simpson's movie is great, hey? I'm all for 2D on the big screen...=) sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

Anonymous said...

cute polaroids!

Jessica said...

i want a polaroid!! looks like you're having a blast!

Holly said...

Love the funny polaroid shots! I want a polaroid camera now too! Sounds like you've watched some pretty good movies. My list of ones I want to rent is quite long right now. I should watch a couple tonight.

Marie said...

Love these!!!! You are so cool.

Lizee said...


I HEART...BIG TIMES HEART! guitar hero....i could spend an entire week in my pajamas just playing GH3:)

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