Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Paper Adventure

I enroll myself in photo classes at a local community college to keep me motivated to take black and white photographs. I had photo lab on Thursday night with Maureen Delaney. I didn't have her last semester because Skyline College was being weird. I'm so happy to have her back. She is so incredibly inspiring and fun to talk to. Photo by Maureen. After class Dan & I braved the cold to have dinner at Chili's. We had a good time.

I had a pretty craft weekend. I can't share some of it because they are gifts. I should be able to show some stuff by the end of February. I heart 8x8! I started my paper adventure as well. Here is the cover of the book and my first page for balance. I used a lot of left over scraps and it felt great!


Kristi said...

Oh cute! Between you and Cathy I feel like I should start that paper adventure challenge too....

aja said...

i'm sooo jealous about CHA!
you totally have to check out Karen Russel's stuff for me (Narratives by Creative Imaginations). Maybe you could slip some of her stuff into you bag for me! (wink, wink)

Holly said...

I so want to do the Paper Adventure. So many projects...so little time. But, I'm definitely thinking it's something I should do. I love your book, BTW!

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