Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The First Day of 2008

I hope that everyone has a year filled with happiness and creativity. My favorite Christmas line is the Love Elsie Noel line.

I got a chance to look at some of the photos I took for Kyle. I had so much fun photographing his family. They would make such great band photos if they were putting out a CD! From left to right: Kyle, Jenna, and Jimmy.

A wonderful surprise arrived from Canada on Monday. Michelle amazes me with her incredible ability to know my style so well! I love everything, especially the adorable polaroid camera that she made for me. You totally spoiled me!

We had a relaxing new years eve this year. As you can see, my room is in a bit of a creative mess state at the moment. We had a lot of fun taking polaroid pictures with my new camera. I'll be uploading those to flickr shortly.

Last year I decided it would be fun to take a photo every day. Its a lot harder than it sounds. I am always looking for the most artistic perspective. I'm going to try again this year. One year ago today I was at Linda Mar Beach taking photos so I decided it would be a nice tradition to start. Dan & I met Zena and Brewster for a nice walk along the beach.


Anonymous said...

love that layout and how you were able to put all those photos on it! And all those goodies, wow! that polaroid camera is too cute!

taking a photo everyday is alot harder than it sounds. I got burnt out with it quick last year. I just told myself this year to take a lot more photos and practice a lot more!

Michelle said...

eeek! So glad you loved the polaroid! =) I modelled it after the Bam Pop RVKC stamp...=) My little brother almost stole it so I'm glad it made it to you...lol...sounds like you had a fab holiday! =) yay!

Holly said...

Yes, that felt Polaroid camera is da' bomb! AMAZING! You lucky girl, you!

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