Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some inspiration

One of my most avid readers sent me some photos taken in her hometown in Fredricksburg, Texas and I wanted to share one even if its after the holidays. I love lights and wish people would keep them up year round. Photo by my Aunt Virgina.

This weeks schedule is a little messed up because Leo is in Atlanta ordering tons of stuff for this coming year. When I haven't been working I've been sitting at the dining room table working on some stuff for the January EBB kit. I'm a super slow scrapper so I'm still working with it and won't post anything until the 15th. This is my favorite kit so far! Here is my favorite section of the table right now:

Jenna joined me in Walnut Creek on Wednesday to visit grandma. We had so much fun playing scrabble. I lost miserably but had such a blast doing it! Jenna was such a crack up. I swear I laughed so hard I could skip my sit ups for the day.

She really wanted to play the word "Baqua" and we let her place it down so I could snap a shot. Small shout out to those at PVS today!

There are lots of inspiring challenges going on right now. The first one is the Overlooked challenge which I've already begun, and the second is the Paper Adventure which I hope to start shortly. There are so many incredible entries! I love how wonderful blogs are. Congrats to Michelle Clement for winning Elsie's challenge. I'm thrilled for you! I bet you'll get tons more traffic to your blog because of it. :)

It had continued storming here but luckily there is no further damage. I do change on average three times daily from my clothes getting so wet. I don't mind it as long as I have power and warm, dry clothing.

I really enjoy reading all of your comments so I want to thank you for them! They bring such happiness to my day to know that people are reading this and hopefully getting inspired.


Michelle said...

he he...thanks Michelle =) oh, how I love scrabble...that pic made me want to play!! And I can't wait to see your pages..he peek of your desk =)

Lizee said...

ur stickles look so adorable all organzied!

btw im about to google baqua and see what it means

Marie said...

Cool pic from texas! Thats soo cool michelle won! She is super awesome! U need to totally do the paper adventure it is fun! Cant wait to see what u come up with!

Jenni said...

I'm thinking about joining the Paper Adventure too! I've been wanting to play Scrabble, but I just don't have anyone to play with.

Anonymous said...

look at those stickles! yum!

Holly said...

Yum...Stickles! I was playing with mine today too! :0) And, I love Scrabble! I haven't played in ages, though! My husband is a horrible speller, and hate to play with me. LOL! Stay dry, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hunney, you always inspire me!! Keep it up girl...


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