Friday, February 1, 2008


Check out both of these link if you want to be rolling on the floor laughing. You don't have to watch them in their entirety but just enough to get the idea. See Tom Cruise's you tube video here and a spin off done by a scrapbooker here.

So here is that 6x12 album I mentioned. I can't wait for my chipboard to arrive so I can make more!

I took pictures in better lighting on Wednesday afternoon. The best portrait lighting is an overcast day. There were a few clouds in front of the sun when I took these. I find that the closer you get to the lens the more intimate the photos become. This shooting style reminds me of commercial billboard photos of some sort.

Jenna's favorite photo from that day:

It rained again yesterday. And we made the trek to pay for the photo lab fees. Dan managed to convince me to go to Chevy's afterwards. It really doesn't require much more than the thought of freshly made flour tortillas. My true love! You know you're bad when you take the packaging home in hopes of being scrappy!

Zena sent me a link to this amazingly funny animation. It's mostly funny for those of us flash animators out there. Take a peek if you have a second to laugh!

Six days until I leave for Anaheim. I am really excited that I will be staying at Paradise Pier with Eva on my first night. We're going to Disneyland with the kids on Friday and then I'll be at CHA on the weekend. I am equally excited about going to Disneyland with Lizee, John, and Jason too.


Michelle said...

ha ha...that animation was just what I needed after an afternoon of wrestling with made me smile..I love when the timeline starts falling soo wish I was going to cha!! And those tom cruise-ish videos are so funny...he's so crazy!! =) hope all is well!

Marie said...

Sooo much fun!!! Love the pics! I cant wait till the 16th!! Yipee!

danilouwho said...

oooh! CHA! lucky you!

Holly said...

I'm so freakin' jealous that you are going to CHA! :0( I had an opportunity, but nobody to take care of the kiddos since my husband is still deployed. Love those pics of you!

Lizee said...

oooh i really hope i get to see you at the magic kingdom!

btw lemme know when u post the chipboard albums so i can buy one:)

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