Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Youer than you-Scrap Mojo

Challenge #11 is posted over at Scrap Mojo! It's Dr. Seuss month and the girls did such an amazing job! I haven't had time for much of anything so I still have a bit of embellishing that I want to do on this. I'm a goof ball and I'm not afraid to hide it. These photos are pure evidence of that.

Speaking of Dr. Seuss, I am dying to see the movie Horton Hears a Who. I bet its amazing. Anyone had the pleasure of seeing it yet? Its just a matter of priorities. Today has been a 12 hour work day not including almost 3 hours of driving.

I was so happy to sit and watch Enchanted last night. What a funny movie! I love it when a company is big enough to poke fun at their previous work (amazing as it is). If you haven't seen it yet, check it out. Just remember, it is a Disney movie! Dan bought A Bee Movie the other week and that's on my next to be watched list. Can't wait to see Marlon's name in the credits. I know he worked on it and I hope he made it into the credits.

I went scrapbook shopping on my lunch break on Monday and I went crazy! Its been a long time since I've really shopped that way. I finally grabbed some American Crafts 12x12 D ring albums. I can't wait to move my 2007 and 2008 pages into them. It was a little crazy because I only had a few minutes to shop at the Scrapbook Island 0nce I got there. I'm still unfamiliar with the area so I got disoriented. :D I'll post pictures of my purchases when I get home when the sun is still out.

Happy mail has been arriving a lot lately. I got in two orders of lovely Fancy Pants and Pink Paislee from EBB Creations, as well as lots of stuff from Everything Scrappn. Now I just need to sit and create!

I decorated my cubicle with a little bit of Hambly too. Really just put two overlays up with pushpins.


dani j. said...

love that layout!

I've been dying to see Horton Hears a Who as well! but more than likely I will end up renting it!

I am wanting to netflix Enchanted though, it just looks fun!

I really ned to get some american crafts albums soon... my pile of layouts is starting to get a big out of hand....


Donna said...

If you liked Enchanted, you will love the Bee Movie! It was a really cute movie!

As for Horton, I loved it! I think it's a must watch at the theatre.

Kelly said...

I spy KFC Popcorn chicken...mmmmm

You hambly addict you! You need a 12 step program.

The gloves seriously remind me of the Cat in the Hat.

Kristi said...

That last picture would be a great "little picture" for Paper Adventures, lol.

Enchanted, I watched that for about the sixth time in four days last night, lol. I heart that movie! Haven't seen Horton yet, but did want to.

I'm jealous you went to Scrapbook Island and got D-Ring Binders....nevermind the fact that I went to the Depot on Tuesday and spent $71....whoops.

Jenni said...

I seen Enchanted quite a few times...such a cute movie. I haven't seen the Bee movie yet. My mom bought it so I just need to borrow it from her. I want to see Horton Hears A Who, but I don't know if I'll get a chance while it is in the theater.

scrappermimi said...

What a cute way to use Hambly!

Didn't catch Horton yet but I did love Enchanted!

I have also bought some AC Albums but have yet to break into them, soon I hope!

Melissa said...

Love the layout! Can't wait to see what new scrappy stuff you got!!

Guess I'll have to watch this movie "Enchanted"...sounds like it's a fav of a lot of people!

Have a great weekend!

Boriquaz said...

I bought four d ring bnders ... i need at least six more i undershot the amount of pages i had lol. I love that lo very cute!

micayla said...

The layout is gorgeous as always missus.
I have been wanting to see Enchanted and Bee movie, I never get around to going to the cinema!!
I too am another who needs more AC D ring albums or at the very least the page protectors. I have run out of 12x12 space, but still have a few smaller pockets left! I just hate buying albums!

Mrs. Chez said...

the only bad thing about the binders is that they are soooo heavy once you put your ish in them. I managed to get all of last year in 1 binder. This year not so much with the stash diet.

PCOS-I'm on meds so it is "possiable" to get preggers. It would just be my luck that I would and it would be twins lol

Miss you girlie!

Celular said...

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ricanlaw said...

Okay, like that is freaking cool that you used Hambly to dec your space. High fiving you on that idea!

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