Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Darkroom

Taking a semester off from Black & White photography was a difficult thing for me this past spring. Color Photography caught my interest again and so I shot loads of color film. I enjoy color but I find that it distracts your eyes from the lighting. The best kind of photo remains strong, even when you de-saturate the color from it.

Being back in the dark room printing in black & white made me realize that is my happy spot. I enjoy the smell of fixer, the sound of the water, the low light, and watching a photo develop right in front of my eyes. It slows the photographer down. Especially when you spend 8 minutes fixing a photo so it will last a hundred years.

We had our midterm tonight. I spent the past several Wednesday's preparing to show some of my strongest pieces. I will admit, I always get nervous when it comes time to put my work out there for critique. My classmates have a potluck and that makes it easier. Tonight was a wonderful class for me and I'm very happy with my final prints. Hope you enjoy!


Michelle said...

Wow, Michelle!! Your black and white's are stunning!! :) I hope your midterm went well, too - it's so nerve-wracking to be critiqued!! They're just lovely, though. :) I'm sure you killed it!

Melissa Mann said...

Those are gorgeous photos, Michelle.

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