Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is here!

I'm so happy that this past week we had glorious weather. I've been able to bring out my tank tops and enjoy the sun during my lunch breaks. I love seeing all of the blossoms on the trees on my walk.
My friends know that I don't go shopping for clothing very often. I asked for a gift card to Express for Christmas so I could find some cute, well fitting jeans. And I did just that!
I fell in love with them so much that I got a second pair. Great jeans are so hard to find. I went a little wild at our local H&M store in San Francisco and bought several dress shirts, a cute jacket, dress, and two pencil skirts. I can't find pictures of them from their website so I'll just have to snap a few photos when I'm wearing them. ;)

Right now I want to:

Scrapbook like a whirlwind. Catch up on my unfinished mini albums. Finish reading two books I'm 1/2 through. Spring clean. Collect my favorite photos for a portfolio review. Post them to flickr and facebook. Take lots of photos with a few different cameras. Film & Digital. Find a car. Blog more. Go for a run daily. Back up all my data. Go to the beach. List inspired by Michelle Clement.

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