Monday, August 27, 2007

I got to be creative today!

I tried to use a few non-scrapbooking items on this layout. If you look closely you'll find camera tape (a.k.a. real gaffer tape), lightstruck leader (exposed film), and fabric. I used the paper I designed for this project. This is my scrapjack of Nisa Fiin.

I finally altered a frame for my August Secret Sister Swap. It was the first time for me to alter a frame and I had fun doing it.

Saturday was a great day. I've been having a lot of those lately and I'm quite happy for them! I visited a few local fabric stores in search for something very special. I found something for a new friend who is amazing! I also found somethings that I liked too.

And finally, those make and takes that I made in the Hambly Booth at the Santa Clara Scrapbook Expo. The one on the left is for my mom since she loves to garden.

I also got my cute journaling pages from Lizee. Thanks! I had a great day since I was shopping for fun stuff. After that it continued being great since my family celebrated my cousin Jeff's 24th birthday. I always love hanging out with them and talking. My cousins gave me great input on my now completed Cinematography layout.

I saw the movie Miss Potter over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it for inspiration and because its beautiful to watch. Rachel happened to make something that has captured my thoughts so much that I can't wait to try making one my self.

I had a nice and relaxing day of finishing my crafty stuff at the beginning of the post. I got lots of stuff ready to go to the post office first thing tomorrow. I even got to edit a few photos and get them printed by Lisa.

One of my most exciting mail days yet! Thanks to Dani, I received my Red Velvet Swap incredibly fast. I am so happy that I was blessed to get such a cool partner to swap with. I'm so pleased with my stuff that I'm sending her another envelope just to thank her for being so in tune with my favorites! Rachel of Red Velvet Art is so great for hooking me up with Dani too! I am completely spoiled!

On top of that, I received a wtf swap from Kristi and it wasn't really wtf material so I got lucky!

I was so excited to open this and so disappointed to see that SFSU doesn't feel the need to capitalize my first name. Gotta love how accurate SFSU is!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I came across your blog, i'll be checking out your etsy shop too!!! I just started playing around with collage, your choice of supplies really inspires me to create something colorful!

**melissa lee** said...

Hey....lucky duck! That was a good day!! All those yummy elsie goodies!!! I'm sure you will have fun creating with everything! I just love that paper you used for the scrapjack! Very awesome!

Lizee said...

omg look at all that ish Kristi sent you...LOL

SFU needs to redo your diploma!!!
Are you going to send it back?

Misty said...

so glad you got all that great stuff. one day i'll be as cool as you! I hate that they didn't capitalize your name on your diploma. You should send it back and make them redo it. You should also have them include that other J! lol

Boriquaz said...

oh look it's kelly hehe...

Love your lo but i told u that already!

Some pix aren't showing, u take good pix though i'm jealous

staceyfike said...

great jack!! lots of eye candy!!

Jessica said...

ah your blog was full of treats!!

what do you set your camera on for night scenes like that?

also, i was thinking if you ever did get a nintendo ds, they have wifi on it, so we could totally play games against each other across the world!! lol. how great would that and i challenging each other on games from brain age!

Michelle said...

awww...glad the diploma is being fixed.....!! And have fun with all the fabric and goodies you got!! lucky! =)

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