Saturday, August 11, 2007


Friday I drove Toby and Dan down the coast to Pescadero for some amazing garlic bread from Archangli Bakery. I finally played a little Wii and thought it was fun. I even made a Mii to look like me. Jessica brought over Grandma's Boy to watch and we ate grilled cheese sandwiches. Mmm yum!

Today I picked Kristi up and we drove to Santa Clara for the Scrapbook Expo. It was so much fun. Hambly Studios was there which made it 10 times better than the expo this past March. We loved it so much, we went there first thing and then again at the very end. They were selling some limited edition overlays and paper. We did a make and take that was designed by the super cute Allison Kreft, product designer of Hambly products. I had a great time!

Kristi working on her make and take at Hambly:

Kristi and I so happy to spend time at a Scrapbook Expo!

My expensive "Hambly Habit".

And some other stuff I purchased:

I went out to dinner with Dan to Mel's tonight. I brought my gorillapod and Dan drove me around for some night shots afterwards. I'm really interested in mixed ambient lighting at night. Saint Ignacious:

The new DeYoung Museum:


Misty said...

I'm jealous you got to go to an expo. Maybe next year I'll make it to the ATL one.

What Wii game did you play? I bet your Mii is awesome. I've changed mine up so she doesn't look like me any more.

**melissa lee** said...

So jealous of the new Hambly...especially the new woodgrain overlay...! Wish they had those things around the new night-time photos!!

**melissa lee** said...

I shoulda said...I wish they had the scrapbook expo's around me....didn't really make sense what I wrote the first!!!

lizee said...

lucky butt!!!you got to play hambly goodies. They never come down to the OC expo.:( I will so be there for the warehouse sale!

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