Friday, August 10, 2007

Coit Tower

I got some of my scanned photos off of the lab computer. This is another portrait done by Doug Yost.

I finished reading the last Harry Potter and I really enjoyed it. So much that I stayed up until 2:30am!

Dan, Toby, Lisa, and I went to North Beach last night and had dinner at Michelangelo Cafe. It took a little searching to find a place that wasn't crowded. We were originally planning to take a lot of night photos around the area but the parking lot was expensive.

Coit tower was lit with red lights so we decided to drive up Telegraph Hill and spend a little time photographing the night scape of San Francisco.

I would have taken more photos since I have such a passion for night photography but I was the driver for last nights outing. Next time I'll remember to have some one else drive so I can do the out the window shots!

I have a few other scanned photos that I'll add to my flickr account, so check that out too.


Dan said...

We need to go back there again :)

Marie said...

Wow i love that last one the sf night sky! That one of u is soo pretty!! I love driving up to the coit tower. Its a beautiful sight.

Michelle said...

gorgeous pictures! and those portraist are so awesome! =)

Kristi said...

That picture Doug took of you is absolutely amazing. Not like I don't already think you're totally adorable but damn girl!

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