Thursday, August 2, 2007

OMG...Is that Michelle?

Back in June I modeled for Doug Yost, a fellow photographer classmate. Jenna did my make up and assisted Doug with decision making. Last night I went to photo class to scan some negatives and see the first photo printed. More photos from this shoot to come next week.

I added more color prints from Death Valley to my shop yesterday. I also added quite a few photos to flickr.

I'm beginning to work on a simple website for Christmas by the Cove. Leo decided it was time we get on the internet!


Marie said...

Thats such a pretty pic of you!!! Love your photography. Beautiful!

Misty said...

love the picture of you!

I'm such a bad blogger. I don't blog often and I don't read my friends blogs often enough. How is Harry coming along? I can't wait for you to finish so we can discuss it.

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