Thursday, August 23, 2007

It all arrived!

Sunday Dan and I went to Redwood City to celebrate my cousin McKenna's 13th birthday and what would have been also my mom's party. I was her representative since she was still in Yosemite. The food was great and I love seeing everyone together and happy. What a massive tickle fest.

Monday we got a new dishwasher and garbage disposal installed. I scrapped a little and then went shopping to Luna's Memories with Kelly. When we got back my secret sister swap was waiting for me from Jen. Thanks for all of the great stuff! It was a great day.

Dan took me to Park Chow near Golden Gate Park. We ate delicious home made apple pie and had a relaxing evening. Tuesday I uploaded a few photos to Flickr and finished my "asset" lo. I entered two of my Death Valley photos into the World in Focus photo contest. This is the firs time for me to enter any of my photos into any contest! I was so excited that they showed up on their website that I had to document it! I know, I really love my Macintosh!

On Wednesday Dan and I took our summer drive down the coast to Monterey and Carmel. I have been abnormally spontaneous this week and I have enjoyed it very much. I think next time I'll look up where a few galleries are so I can visit John Sexton and Weston. They are so talented and inspire me so much. The weather was beautiful when we left Pacifica and we drove in and out of the sun and fog all day. We stopped at Carmel's White Sand beach and took a nice walk. Although I don't like fog it can make for some cool photos and excellent portraits. Even lighting allows for great portraits so there aren't any harsh shadows cast.

These kids were too cute to not photograph as they rushed down the hill towards their mom.

The Skyline Photo lab started back up again this week so we went in for a "body count" so they can keep it going. I can't wait to develop my rolls of 35mm and 120mm from our Yosemite trip. This was waiting for me when I got back from our drive:

Jess- Its all your fault. I don't know if I ordered the right font though. I can't wait to use them. I'm really into making long titles for my scrap pages. I'm so happy to find more of that American Crafts paper for my photo corners. Kelly ordered some earlier in the week .

I got such a great welcome back from everyone at work. The wine bottle came in while I was gone so I was presented with one of my own this morning. I was so excited I had to take a picture. The company managed to keep my name on the label as the photographer. I doubt I'll ever open this up, but I thought it would be a funny pose.

Thanks to Joni, my copy of Artful Blogging arrived today. I have been a very lucky girl to get so much fun stuff in such a short period of time. I can't wait to sit down and read it from cover to cover. I did managed to find time to read Elsie Flanningan's article of course.

I joined the Red Velvet Art Swap so I had to go shopping for my partner today. I love to shop for others, especially once I've found out they loved the package. I ran into my sewing teacher from high school. Ms. Levine looked great! We chatted for a few minutes and I found out the best time to visit her finally! There's so much to catch up on and we didn't have enough time in the store.

Finally designed my first 12x12 sheet of paper for a challenge I'm trying to get done by tomorrow. Its going to be for my cinematography lo. Its a bunch of cameras I had to learn how to load and shoot with.


**melissa lee** said...

Very cool pictures, Michelle!!! You sound like you have been one busy chickie!!! Love that paper you designed..very original and cool! You should use it to do the latest scrapjack...I think it would work perfectly!

Have a good weekend!

Misty said...

lovin the photographs. what a wonderful day with so many goodies coming in. I always love it when my SS stuff arrives unexpectedly.

Jessica said...

dude! you've been hella busy! me too. i need to sit down and update my blog again. have fun with those stickers! they're great.

oh and i picked up using long titles from "fall out boy". they're first few albums were filled with LOOOONG titles. the last album had a few, but not nearly as much.


Michelle said...

sounds like you're having a fun summer! great pictures...have fun playing with all the fun paper stuff you got!

Lizee said...

you had a great mail day!
Look at all the fun goodies that came in!

I wish i had a sewing class in highschool. I went to a visual arts magnet, so they didnt offer sewing class..just art classes...which is great---but i need some sewing skills! I need to google sewing for

Marie said...

Dang girl! You are busy lil bee!!! Awesome stuffs!!!

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