Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Love me some night photography...

I am straightening out my diploma error tomorrow for those of you who asked.

Photo lab is tomorrow night, so in preparation, Dan and I decided to spend some quality time loading film onto developing reels in his bathroom.

Taking self portraits each day is such a challenge. Some days I'm too tired and don't feel like it and other times I feel really inspired. On my third trip to Dan's house today I decided that I should take a night photo of myself sitting on his steps.

This is inspired a whole separate photo shoot when I asked Dan to watch the camera. He took some amazing photos of the moon coming up over Montara mountain.

From his backyard, he took this amazing shot:


Lizee said...

omg look at that talent

i think its great you and Dan share this passion for photography:)

**melissa lee** said...

Beautiful pictures, Michelle...such talent you guys have!

Michelle said...

awesome pics! I love the layouts in the last post, too..forgot to say they were lovely...=)

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