Thursday, August 30, 2007

*ta da!

Wednesday was errand day. SFSU says I should have a corrected diploma in 10 days. I went to the Apple store to get a new battery since my replacement for my recalled battery died on me in less than a year. Apple called me today and I already have a new one. they are great!

Here are a few tags I made with various stamps for a stamped journal swap:

I did get a chance to develop my black and white negatives from my vacation last night. I cannot wait to scan them and take a closer look. Maybe I'll share a little something soon.

I started working with some fabric today. Just preliminary stuff before I can begin sewing. I can't wait to make something beautiful!

Dan and I went out to dinner at BJ's Brewery tonight. Took this while we were waiting:

It was what should have been "reunion night." I ran into two classmates from high school and one from college and they were all working at BJ's! It was great seeing so many people in such a short time period. On the drive home, this caught my eye:

Lucky for me, I was carrying both my camera and tripod. Definitely a long exposure.


**melissa lee** said...

Awesome picture, Michelle! Love that long exposure one....

Have a great holiday weekend!

Dan said...

That picture was worth the 8 turns it took to get back there after having passed it, huh? :-P

Marie said...

Very cool tags and lovely lovely pictures!

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