Monday, July 30, 2007

Obsessed with Organizers

I love organizers! They inspire me to clean . I completely re did my closet because of my beautiful new scrapbook organizer. I even bought new hangers from Target that are too cute (turquoise and pink).

My mom took Jenna, Dan, and I to the Giants game on Wednesday night (thanks to our contractor Jeff). We had amazing seats (11th row from first base). We even met up with my Uncle Harry who was working that night.

Saturday Dan and I went to the Elephant Bar for dinner, said hi to Lisa at Ritz, and went to our favorite place after our date, TARGET! I went to buy some hangers and found some really reasonably priced organizers and they were purple! Check your local Target in the dollar section for these:

I had to buy two new shirts since I bought more hangers than I needed. So happy with these ultra cute shirts. My style has changed so much since I started scrapping!

Yes, that is a camera on my shirt. How perfect is that?

After work on Sunday, Dan and I met my family at Dan's father's house in Danville. We had a great time and the food was delicious. I took pictures of everything, but my favorite was the most colorful cups they own!

My boss Leo from the Christmas store loaned me a copy of Harry Potter, so I am slowly fitting that into my schedule. Eva came over today with Elizabeth and Josiah. We hung out for about an hour while Eva journaled on a page for her mother for her birthday. I was going to take a picture but they had to leave so Josiah could be changed.

I've been working on my art journal a little and some other things. No pictures of those today though. I have to get ready for a very exciting class at the Bead Shop in Palo Alto tonight.

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Jessica said...

ooo i love new organizers!!

and i have no idea how my layouts get picked. i'm hoping it's someone who likes it rather than some random thing. lol.

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