Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Summer!

Yay, July is here and it is a beautiful day. I thought I'd post some more pictures today since I can finally show some things I've been up to. I keep forgetting to post what I made my mom for Mother's Day.
I gave it to her almost a month late since I started it while I was in school and didn't have time until I graduated. It is inspired by something I saw as a make and take from my local scrapbook store and Elsie Flannigan. I really have a ton of fun hand sewing with embroidery floss. It was a big hit since my mom is a huge garden buff. She'll stay out in the garden until we make her come in at 10pm at night!

I wasn't able to show this album until my secret sister received it and she did, so yay! I have to admit it was hard giving it up since I love purple so much! I designed the light pink paper especially for Misty. When I start making a line I suppose I'll have her name somehow in the title of the paper.
The Trendy girl tag is made by Kellie from Every Jot & Tittle. Check her etsy store out! She is so talented and people love her stuff so much that you have to check her store early in the morning or else it will be sold out for the day. I also made the pink photo corner myself. I really get a wonderful feeling knowing I've pout a part of me into each project that I complete.

Last night I had so much fun with Dan. We decided to have a date night at Mel's on Geary St. in San Francisco. It is one of our favorite spots that we frequent.
I decided I wanted to sit in a different booth and boy did we regret it. Every once in a while our table started vibrating and we didn't even have to put quarters in it! We thought it was a dishwasher or some other kitchen appliance. Eventually Dan realized it was the hand dryer from the men's bathroom because it was so infrequent. I had waffles with yummy strawberries and whipped cream.

Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments. I'm glad that people actually come to read or at least look at the pretty pictures. I'm out to go sew a new project that I've been itching to start.


Jessica said...

I love those flowers SO SO much.

lol. i bet you could sell that on etsy too...plan it around holidays though!

i got your photo corners and i can't wait to start using them! i'm going to use some in an accordian album and then the rest in a box. :D they're fricken adorable.


Boriquaz said...

i love the flowers sooooooo cute. Hey i want some photo corners (unlike some peopel cough cough *kelly* i use them)

Misty said...

i'm a little slow reading blogs...and writing them if you check my last date. I love the book and am honored you would include my name in the paper. you are so sweet.

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