Monday, July 16, 2007


Since I recently graduated I thought it would be fun to document my hopes for my future. I found a contest for using transparencies on a layout so I painted on a transparency and applied it onto my picture. I also traced the pattern from the paper onto a transparency and used it as my own embellishment.
Saturday night Dan and I went to Kristi's for a BBQ. It was really fun meeting some new people and just hanging out. It was a little overcast but we made the best of it.
Expert Chef Kristi at the BBQ! The turkey burgers were yummy!

Tiffany brought me back these adorable socks from Alaska. I got to choose before my mom and Sara. I was so excited I had to take a picture.


**melissa lee** said...

Hey Michelle!

I found that image on photobucket...! Love those bright and colorful! And what the heck is that contraption on Kristi's arm..???

Jessica said...

awww i love that layout!

and look how cute kristi looks! miss grill mastah!!

Boriquaz said...

that picture of kristi is halarious, she looks like edward scissorhands but with spatula hands lol. you always take great pictures, i might have to hire u if i get married one day lol

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