Monday, July 9, 2007

Yay for Photos!

Today was a relaxing day around the house. I took care of Jenna and even took a nap with her. I made her some beautiful Jello that I must admit, I am quite happy with how it turned out. This event shall go down in history as the day I found something creative to do in the kitchen! Of course my real reason for making it was so I could take pictures of it! Still playing with Lisa's lens and falling hard for it.

I went on a photo shoot for a short break to get in a walk before dinner today. I really appreciate where I live. I live two blocks from Linda Mar Beach.

Here is Rockaway Beach which is just on the north side of the hill. I took these pictures within minutes of each other. Rockaway Beach happens to be one of the places that I have the pleasure of working near. I can see the waves from my window. I know, I'm really lucky!

I took these pictures because I've been commissioned to make a wine bottle label for a local wine shop in Rockaway. This is the tourist location for Pacifica. we have 5 hotels in Rockaway.

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