Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

I had the pleasure of going to the beach and getting some sun yesterday. It felt so wonderful to be outside listening to the waves. I feel so revitalized after hanging out with Jenna and Sara.

My cousin Dominique has a birthday coming up on Monday and I felt like making her a card using my photo corners. I figure that I should use the stuff that I make!

While I was making this I realized that I had put together a bunch of stuff to make a Valentine's card way back in January. I was in a card making mood since I'm waiting on a few photos for the current lo that I'm working on. This is scraplifted from Melissa.

I decided to restring a vintage necklace that my mom purchased for me at a killer garage sale. I had cleaned them thoroughly about a year ago and finally put it back together last night. Right now it is an empire style necklace. I'm thinking I might take it apart again and make it into the double stranded choker it was when I originally got it. What do you think?


Jessica said...

that necklace is hella cute and very retro! :D

**melissa lee** said...

Love those photo corners, Michelle!!! That is too cool that you designed those...!

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