Monday, July 9, 2007

This morning's events and more

I've been working a lot lately. We had a 26 box shipment to the Christmas store on Friday. I left at 7pm to have a wonderful time with Valerie and Anders. Their car needed to be charged and I managed to find a 6 volt battery charger for them. I think we were all really surprised that I was able to find one for them. Thanks to my neighbor Judy for helping!

I finished the book Nighttime is My Time by Mary Higgins Clark. I'm so happy that I finished it since I started it two months ago! I love her mystery novels because I can't figure out who the murder is. Usually I'm really great at it too. Must have been all those Nancy Drew books I read as a kid.

This morning was very interesting. One of those days that was so bizarre you had to laugh. Jenna had an appointment at 9am to have her 4 wisdom teeth removed.
My dad took her there and I was supposed to arrive a few minutes before she came out of the procedure. I got there to find that she hadn't been taken in yet because they had to reshoot the x-rays our dentist had taken previously. When we compared the two x-rays it was quite obvious to the untrained eye that the ones our dentist had sent were not her teeth! Apparently the dentist thought Jenna had 4 wisdom teeth that needed to be removed and the new x-rays showed that she only had two wisdom teeth!

Jenna is in great spirits. When the doctor asked how she felt she gave him a thumbs up sign and said "spectacular." She tried skipping down the hall way to show that she was fine but dad and I decided that she should walk slowly since the anesthesia had not worn off and she was seeing double.

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Misty said...

I came to see how to spell you last name for the wonderful myspace bulletin I'm doing and saw your new blog. I love Mary Higgins Clark books. I haven't read the one you mentioned. I'll have look into it.

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