Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

I saw the best animated feature film EVER on Monday night. Ratatouille is an amazing film in all aspects of filmmaking. The animation is incredible, the story couldn't be better, and the acting is sensational! Pixar is definitely on top of the computer animated world right now. This movie really makes it clear to me that I need to be working for them because I want to inspire the world in the ways that they do. Go see it if you haven't already!

Yesterday Dan & I went to the east bay to visit my grandma and then to see his dad. The kids were rewarded for their excellent grades with a huge trampoline. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera and missed my photo op. How unlike me! I'll definitely bring it next week. I helped Gabriella scrap her first page last night. We didn't get done until 11:45pm!
I worked on my personal challenge that Cathy gave me. I'm so in love with color that she limited me to a monochromatic layout. This was definitely one of those that I had to put away and come back to a few times. Partially because I don't own a ton of just one color embellishments.

On a totally random note, I am really excited to say that I sold my very first item on etsy and it was to a person in Australia!
I really enjoyed spending time in our backyard today. My mom loves to garden and it was a beautiful day in Pacifica. I adore sunflowers so I was really happy when she brought it home recently. My friend Lisa lent me an amazing macro lens that allows me to take really close photos. I'm so in love!

I took photos of Jenna in the backyard as well. She always captures my interest because she is so incredibly girly. Here she is giving herself a facial.
I was looking at the few photos I took last year on July 4th and it really motivated me to take more of people instead of the silly fireworks. Who needs more pictures of the same thing anyway? I'm off to Dan's house to celebrate our freedom.

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Misty said...

I'm impressed Jenna let you take her picture with the facial stuff on. Everyone I know would kill me. and then to let you put it on your!

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