Friday, July 20, 2007

I've taken 959 photos since Monday

Thanks for all the great comments! I feel so loved. Kristi is wearing some BBQ contraption that allows you to flip burgers without being burned or feeling the intense heat of the grill.

What a whirlwind this week had been. Jenna's childhood friend Autumn came to visit from Las Vegas. She brought her 1 1/2 year old son Conner with her. He's become obsessed with opening and closing doors.

We celebrated my cousin Dominique's 20th birthday in Redwood City on Monday night.

My Uncle Pat makes the best "cake" ever. It is the most delicious desert I've ever had. The bottom is a thick layer of crushed Oreo cookie , then vanilla ice cream, an amazing chocolate and caramel hardened goo, and then whipped cream. It is really special to my family since my Uncle Pat only makes it once a year.

My cousin Christina is going to be a senior in high school this coming August so I was preparing her for all the poses they make you do for yearbook. Got this cute photo of her. She's growing up into a beautiful young woman!

I remembered to bring a camera to Danville to capture some fun jumping moments on the new trampoline. Next time I'll remember to wear something that doesn't blend in with the background! This pose reminds me of one of those wooden models that is used to sketch gesture drawings.

I took Jenna, Autumn, and Conner to the San Francisco Zoo on Wednesday. We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather. Conner's favorites were the lemurs and the penguins. We had a blast shopping in the gift shop. I even found a patch!

These are such cute shoes I couldn't help photographing them for my art journal. Skulls are so popular right now.

Autumn and Conner are leaving today. I know I'll miss his laughter in our house. Autumn asked me to take a few photos of her with Conner since she has so few. I certainly did take a few!

I saw Jenny for a brief time yesterday. We tried to fit in a quick shoot before she had to meet her family for dinner.

We arrived at the Pulgas Water Temple in San Carlos only 40 minutes before it closed. The lighting was not so great since it closes at 4pm, but I did enjoy introducing something new to Jenny. I definitely want to try a photo shoot there during early March when the sun sets earlier in the day.

I'm off to clean for our new house guest from Texas. My Aunt Virginia will be staying for two nights and I want to spiff up my room a bit for her. More photos to come!


Jenny said...

uhhh... I look like I have a double chin. The colors are pretty though.

Michelle said...

wow! i wish i could take that many pictures...he he....i usually bring my camera with me and then forget i brought my camera..(sigh) awesome pics!

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