Friday, June 29, 2007

Days Gone By

It amazes me how quickly days go by during the summer. Longer light and yet I wish there was more! I've been working a lot lately. I applied for another job as well. Keep your fingers crossed. I want this one the most! I've trained the UPS guy at work to apologize for bringing me more product faster than I can sell it. He's so funny.

I had a fun shopping spree at the Scrapbook territory on Wednesday. I am going to play with all my fun stuff tonight. Kelly is coming over and Jenna is going to join in the scrapping fun too! I hope I can get a lot done tonight while watching The Lake House.
Speaking of Jenna, she is the silliest person I know. She decided to put "beware of dog" on the trunk of her caddy in the parking lot of our shopping center. We don't have a dog, Jenna just likes to be called "The J-Dog." Every moment is an photo opportunity for me. I wasn't there when they actually put it on, but I wanted to get some cute photos of Sara, Jenna and Tiffany hanging out together. And yes, Jenna loves to live in comfy PJ's .

Last night was a fun and productive night. I actually started my art journal! I've become addicted to shopping on etsy, so I decided to print out the pretty stuff that is too expensive for me right now and put it into my inspiration art journal. I used my new Paint Dabber by Adirondack and it was more time consuming than I initially thought it would be. I learned i have no idea how to mix paints to make hot pink!

I made these while watching a really good movie about a mole in the FBI called Breach. I highly suggest watching it!
I made a pink and green birthday card for Gabriella because she requested those colors. She told Tim that she wanted to learn how to scrapbook, so I'm going to be introducing her to the addictive world of paper crafts next week.

I met up with my friends Lisa and Cindy for a great lunch at Portofino's in Pacifica. It is an upscale Italian restaurant on the waterfront of the Pacific Ocean. I met Lisa's friend Rayko and she is a blast. I really enjoy seeing my friends from school.

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