Monday, June 18, 2007

Errands and things

Today has been an errand day for me. I went to Costco, Beverly's and Ritz Camera. I edited photos down from my graduation, retouched them, and then brought the cd to swap with Lisa since she was giving me a cd and beautiful photos by Scott. Thanks!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. My family celebrated Father's Day in Redwood City and my Uncle Pat's house. I told my Aunt Jean about not having any luck in finding pants. She took me upstairs and gave me a pair that was way too long for her. They were a perfect fit (minus the length). That makes 4 pairs of pants to hem now. I really have to get to that soon! Here is a photo of my family relaxing around in the backyard after dessert. I had such a great time being with my family and not having to do any homework. It's been so long since I have had such freedom.

The swallows on Jenna's shirt were so cute and inspirational that I had to take a photo of it for my art journal that I plan to start (on my very long list of things to do).

My cousin Christina turned 17 so we were adding that onto the Father's Day party too. Card design lifted from saturngrrl.


Michelle said...

Oy..I'm with ya on the it's-so-nice-to-relax-after-film-school thing...=) check out this link for some really cool art journals:

...maybe you've seen them already. =)

Misty said...

So glad you enjoyed your weekend with no homework. Isn't it a great feeling knowin you don't have to rush home.

This Costco place you speak of...I hear they have great scrappin stuff. Maybe we'll have time to check out some great stores when I'm there in October.

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