Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day Tripper

These passed two days I have been all over running errands including getting my car fixed. Although I never like getting my car fixed because of how expensive it is, I do enjoy being near the Laurel Leaf (fabric store) and The Scrapbook Depot. I had fun shopping for little pretty things . I really want to get back into sewing and have already found a few projects that I want to do. Tonight there were two women at the store that had sewn their own purses. I hope to make one before the months over. Here is a cute design:

I went to Helen's house and enjoyed seeing how her wallpaper is nearly back in style. She has so many cool things in her house. I can always find entertainment.

I took these a few weeks ago but just got to look at them tonight. These are two of my favorite from a photo shoot with my sister Jenna and a new dress she bought.

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