Sunday, June 10, 2007

BFD was a blast

Wow have I been busy. Each day I've meant to post something and then I got called in to work. We got in so much shipment that I definitely got my exercise this week. On Thursday, a photo classmate of mine photographed me (I tried my best to model). He shot 120mm film so I don't expect to post anything for quite a while on that.

I had an amazing day yesterday at Shoreline Amphitheater. Dan & I met up with Kristi and her gang. It was so nice to finally meet Sandy, Shannon, and Nick. I don't have any pictures back yet since I wasn't allowed to bring my professional digital camera into the venue. As many pointed out, I was shooting "old school film." The guy sitting next to me commented that I was a little young for film. I can't help but laugh at that thought.

There were so many talented bands playing that it was really hard to choose which to stay and watch. I'm disappointed that we missed my favorite local band the Matches, but I have seen them in concert plenty of times before. I'll just have to make an effort to see them again.

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Misty said...

looks like it was a blast. can't wait to see your pictures. I'm sure you got a few good ones

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