Saturday, June 16, 2007

Denim Days

This is the inside of my favorite pair of pants. I didn't stitch it, they came that way. I am in need of new pants and spent the past two days trying on 32 pairs that didn't fit right! I can't find Dollhouse brand pants anywhere and want more desperately. So badly, that I might resort to looking online. I will normally shop for anything online, with the exception of pants.

This morning I woke up with a laugh. I'm not a morning person but Jenna decided to out do my Dad after he made a pyramid. We are a living cereal commercial (mom pictured).

I had to make two cards today so I thought I'd use up some scraps lying around. Here are a birthday card for my sisters friend and a father's day card for my Dad.

Tomorrow is Rachel's Birthday so Jenna, Katrina, Mike, and Roman are going to celebrate by going to City Nights (dance club in SF). They were so cute all dressed in coordinating outfits without even meaning to. They invited me to go but I have to work early in the morning so I said no thanks. I probably would have had a blast and at the same time made Jenna feel really aware of herself. I'm off to spending some time with Dan.

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Michelle said...

hello! thanks for the e-mail/comment..=) so cool that we have so much in common!...he he...your photography is awesome! I'll get back to your mail soon..=)

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