Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I do plan to bring a travel journal with me. I can't pack a lot of stuff so it will be very bare boned. It's quite possible that I'll be bringing just a backpack with me. Isn't that a scary thought? I pack way too much stuff just when I go to work for the day!

This week I checked out some beautiful photos of Denmark. Here are my flickr faves:

1. Copenhagen, 2. Gefion fountain at night, 3. New theather building, 4. Rosenborg Castle, crocus fowers, 5. Rosenborg - Copenhagen, 6. tivoli gardens_9, 7. Tivoli Gardens, 8. Egeskov Castle, 9. Spring., 10. Copenhagen view., 11. Carlsberg home base., 12. A new coating for the Round Tower #3., 13. The Tunnel on Brogårdsvej, 14. Castle - Castillo, 15. Lighthouse in Dune, 16. Fishing At Sunrise, 17. simply w, 18. Copenhagen University Library, 19. Lone tree by the sea, 20. Copenhagen - Nyhavn, 21. A stony coast, 22. hey hay!, 23. the colors of København, 24. and over the years it's slowly taken by the sea, 25. the black diamond.....

Monday was my full day of editing wedding photos. I'm trying to wrap that up so I can get those off to the Bride & Groom. Dan & I went to see the movie Step Brothers. It was entertaining and thats about it.

Jenna & I grabbed a ride from our Aunt Sandy & Uncle Harry over to Walnut Creek yesterday. We had lunch at a beautiful restaurant in Lafayette called Postino. My traveling mind of course jumped to the town Positano in Italy. YUM! It was decorated so beautifully I had to take a photo.

The outside eating area was just lovely too.

The five of us went to see Mamma Mia in downtown Walnut Creek. Its kinda funny when I go to a musical and forget that its a musical because they are speaking in some parts and then they break out into song. It was a cute uplifting movie with stunning shooting locations. Pierce Brosnan seemed to be miscast. That's all I'm going to say about that. Weird twist at the end. I probably shouldn't have seen it in the theater because I found myself laughing during parts that no one else was (except Jenna was quietly giggling). Oh well!

So today I am off to take some photos with my cousin Jeff in the Marin Headlands. Yes, I'm going back to get that harry potter tree/door thing to show you all since you all wanted to see it! Hopefully it won't be too windy. Happy Hump day!


Holly said...

Just a backpack? That IS a frightening thought. I pack way too much...with the cost of airfare these days (and those stupid baggage charges), I would be wise to pare it down a bit. Anyway, can't wait to see that Harry Potter tree!

Chez said...

what game is that?

Jessica said...

dude, it will be hard to bring just a back pack, but TRUST me, you don't want to be lugging around a bunch of crap. lol. i always OVERPACK. When we moved here, we had four large suitcases, a duffle bag, each of us had our back packs, plus the kid's car seats. O_O the people who picked us up were like's a good thing we brought a van!

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