Sunday, July 13, 2008

Action packed

Happy Birthday Chez! Hope you had a fabulous birthday.

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was picked as one of the scrapjacked favorites! And to top that off, so was Chez, Dani, and Melissa. Congrats to you all!

I had a great day today. I was thanked for doing my job well and quickly. It felt great to be appreciated. And then I got to go scrapbook shopping because the Scrapbook Depot was having a sale on a day that they are normally closed. I didn't buy a much since I'm saving but it was still nice to stop in and check it out!

We met Kristi & some friends at Red Robin for dinner on Friday night. We had some great onion rings and caught up a little. I've been sad that Kristi moved (she went from living 15 minutes away to an hour away).

We goofed off a lot before we got this semi-normal picture of me, Kristi, Ethan, Ephraim, and Nick. Gotta love it!

Saturday was a crazy day, plain and simple. After I got off work, I drove to Livermore for Courtenay's Bridal shower. She is engaged to Dan's first cousin Kevin. I'm sad to say that I'll be missing the wedding, but its Europe! Here is an eagle eye shot:

Did you know that they make pinata's with strings that you pull? It guess its the more "lady like" way of doing it. You have to guess which string will cause it to break. I wouldn't have believed except that I witnessed the real thing! I had a fun time, but I arrived with it coming to an end.

I stayed late and played Scrabble with Dawn. Tim & Dan came over after the party and played another round of scrabble. I really need to get back into playing. They are so hard core! We hung out until 9pm and then drove back to the city for a little get together at Amy's beau's house. It was such a beautiful flat! I totally wanted to break out my camera and spend a few hours shooting their decor but it was not that kind of party where I felt okay to do that. But man, was it cool! I did take a shot of their stairs as we were leaving. Half the stairs had everyone's shoes (they had white carpeting).

We celebrated my cousin Dominique's 21st birthday with the family this afternoon. I can't believe she's going to be 21 on Wednesday! It was a pretty relaxing party. I didn't break out my camera until dessert, what an oddity!

Dom & her adorable boyfriend Kenny:

And that's it for the weekend. It's officially Monday for me. More pictures later!


Holly said...

Glad you had a fun weekend! And, I'd never heard of those pinatas until you mentioned it. Personally, I like to beat them with sticks...get some of that aggression out! Ha! Although, when we had one at Hazel's b-day party, we all but had to saw it open. Those suckers aren't kid-friendly.

stephanie said...

:) looks like you're been having fun!! thanks for the comment, im glad it inspired you. i cant stop stroking the cover!!

Chez said...

thanks Chickie, go check my blog when you get a momment!

shelly b said...'ve been busy!

Chez said...

silly girl! I didn't think SIS was all that big, but the boards are pretty simple once you find the BOTTOM of the page lol.

Scroll down to the bottom of the main boards page and you will see like the top 25 threads of the day. I stick with those most of the time. Swaps can get lost so if you get in one, go find it under swaps. You need to come play. There are some great girls over there! I actually go Cathy into chattin a bit! WOOT!

I requited a few girls to yahoo we get on there and chat as well.

Boriquaz said...

that is one busy weekend you had there ... great pix as always love the stairs shot

Michelle said...

Oh, sounds like you've been busy, girl! Congrads on the job kudos, too! Yay! =) Hope all is well!

Babydoll said...

Congrats on the ScrapJack vote! Looks like it was a fun party judging from the pictures. The shoes on the stairs is wayy too cute!! You should scrap that one! :)

Marie said...

ohhh yay congrats! You rock missy! Love all the pics i never knew about the strings on the pinatas that is totally cool!

*fauve* said...

wow fun fun weekend!COngrats on the SJ!

Misty said...

Action packed is right. Congrats on being a SJ fave! I know you were super excited.

Laura said...

hey, thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog...I popped over here to say hi. its great to find another sweet spuds and dozens fan! xx

Sandy said...

hey michelle!! thanks for visiting me at my blog! my blog loves a visitor. (-: to answer your question the blue paint was just on kraft paper...well, a paper bag i ran out of kraft-stock (as i like to call it.). see ya!

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