Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I've been on the fence about visiting Austria. I really love Swarovski crystals and there is an incredible museum there. It's so close to Germany that it really doesn't make sense to skip it. I am hoping to find time to stay there for 3 days or so. I'd love to visit longer but there are only so many days that I will be in Europe. So this week I searched and picked out these photos as some of my favorites from flickr:

1. Werfen, 2. Where Eagles Dare, 3. Votivkirche, 4. IMG_4315-2, 5. Linz/Donau, 6. Burg Gutenberg - Balzers, Liechtenstein, 7. Schaanwald (Liechtenstein) - Inside Train Station, 8. Karlskirche (St. Charles Church), Vienna, Austria, 9. Heiligenblut, 10. Austria 2006, 11. Großer Ahornboden bei Hinterriß, Österreich / Austria, 12. Wien (Austria) - Rathaus, 13. The bumping heart of Austria, 14. Hallstatt, Austria, 15. Viena - Austria, 16. Best of Austria, 17. Castle Liechtenstein - Austria, 18. Linz Austria - Kulturhauptstadt 2009, 19. Leoben (Austria), 20. Hallstatt - Salzkammergut Austria, 21. Salisburgo, Austria, 22. Tyrol Austria, 23. Tannheimertal, Austria, 24. Fontanella, Austria, 25. Day #3 - Seebensee [1657 m] / Austria.

That heat wave that I mentioned...OMG! This is not the weather we are used to for summer. We have what the locals call an Indian summer. The summer weather usually is in September. We've already had several heat waves (February, April, May). Considering that I am used to coastal weather of 60-65 degrees, its nice, but I really can't handle more than 2 days of it. We are lucky that its in the low 80's. I skipped Walnut Creek this week because its supposed to be 104 today.

Speaking of heat, I drove to Sacramento (Citrus Heights) to visit Sandy & puppy on Monday. I was so excited that I was going to see her that I woke up early. The drive took me two hours but it was worth it! I loved that she was finishing up a page when I arrived. She had a beautiful cardboard with lots of paint over it that she was working with.

Sandy was so much fun. She planned the whole day out for me. We went to lunch at this cute little restaurant that serves breakfast all day. Sweet! I'll eat breakfast anytime of the day. I ordered Banana Nut Pancakes and loved the yumminess.

Then Sandy drove me to Green Tangerines. I've heard so much about this store. It was the second reason that made me drive for two hours. Sandy has been raving about this store for a long time. We are both into organization and this store is all about that. I was completely overwhelmed but in a wonderful way.

I tried to be good about my purchases. I told myself I couldn't buy any more paper since I have loads of it but I found things I really "needed", especially for my travel journal for Europe. But, I did stay in my budget so I was happy.

We went to the biggest Jo-Ann's I'd ever seen before and they had a huge scrapbooking area in comparison to my store's measly 3 isle scrapbook section. My purchases can be seen above. We went to another store which was closed on Monday's (boo) and the other store went out of business recently.

We went back to Sandy's place and played with her puppy and I looked at all her scrap stuff. So much fun. Then Nick picked us up and drove us to Red Robin. Ok, I haven't mentioned how hot it was because we just didn't care to know. But Nick's car said 99 degrees at 6pm. ICK!

Nick & Sandy while we waited for our dinner:

On my drive home, my iPod started skipping a lot during one of my songs. I thought it might have been because the CD was scratched but then it did it with every song on the last hour of my drive home. The hard drive wont spin up anymore. I have loved it for almost four years now and its time to let go. :( I've been having bad luck with electronics this summer.

On a happier note, I found a lovely package from Vee. I won two RAKs in the same week! It felt like Christmas looking through all of the great stuff. I had to take two photos since there was so much. Thanks Vee, you are so incredibly sweet and generous.

I must get back to editing wedding photos and staying cool. Maybe even a little time to finish up a lo I've been working on.


danilouwho said...

ok, so I'm so jealous of all your yummy new supplies, lol.
I spent all my scrapbooking money this month on new clothes and so I have to wait till next month to shop.... eep! Hope I can hold out!

Sandy said...

LOVE YOU MJ! Puppy wants you to come for another visit.

Donna. said...

OK, I think I am going to faint seeing all of those goodies you scored!!! I never knew Jo Ann's could have more than 3 aisles of scrappy stuff. SCORE!!!

I love your collage of Austria! I have always loved seeing the architcture and mountains from that region of Europe.

Babydoll said...

I'm so jealous!! Wish it was me!! Love the new stuff! :)

Boriquaz said...

OMG look at all those goodies ... i'm completely 100% jealous. Not that I need more stuff but it's fun getting goodies in the mail.

Misty said...

fun times with fun whores! i really wish some of whores were closer to me...sad face :(

to answer your question from my blog, yes i call my brother, Brother. I always have. He calls me sister too. The only reason I can think of is because were are so close in age.....i'm only 10 months older! but mom learned the cause of that cause Lauren is 8 years younger than Brother.

Vee said...

so glad you like your goodies!! ;) wow that joann's was awesome, never seen thickers at one before! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, you must go to Austria and eat Sacher Torte and see the opera house, etc., etc., etc. I'm sure your Grandma will tell you the same thing.
PS I am so envious of you. Aunt Virginia

Jessica said...

oh my gosh so much scrap goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited about you coming!!! We have to plan out what we're going to do. :)

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