Saturday, July 5, 2008

*Scrap Mojo 17* Dry as a Bone

Challenge #17 is up over at Scrap Mojo and we have the incredible Elsie Flannigan as a guest designer! The challenge is to scrap a Ditty Bops song (the Design Team picked Wishful Thinking) and doodle on your project. Post your take on the challenge by July 15th.

I used the May Dozen's kit for my layout about our water drought going on in the bay area. I keep hearing about how its raining other places. Send your rain here! We've had several fires already and we're rationing our water. Please conserve water. :D


Momma Twitch said...

awesome layout!!!

Anonymous said...

No. Send the rain here. We are so hot and dry in TX. Your scrapbooks are very artistic. I enjoy looking at them.

Aunt Virginia

Holly said...

Love that LO! And, Elsie?!? I'm impressed. ;0) On another note, we're in need of some serious rain here too. And, we FINALLY got some yesterday. We've been in a drought and on water-rationing for the last YEAR! It's terrible. So, I'll be sending lots of good rainy vibes your way!

danilouwho said...

we've been getting quite a bit of rain! I'll try sending it back your way next time ;).

love the layout!

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