Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

Lots to catch up on.

Jenny came to visit me on Tuesday. She brought me some scrap paper that she bought me a while ago. She found some cool stuff!

I stayed home for the tree guys to come and trim out Mexican Palms. They didn't come until Wednesday morning. YUCK! Wednesday Jenna & I played scrabble with our grandma in Walnut Creek. Went to the Elephant Bar with Dan for dinner. Hadn't been there in a while so it was quite the treat.

Thursday I ordered $20 of food at Taco Bell. My favorite part is when the employee asks if I want it for here or to go. This time I didn't get asked since I was laughing as I was ordering. I know this doesn't sound as funny as it is when you are there...

Rode with a car full of people (2 hours each way) to Pittsburg, California for a July 4th BBQ. Tei Wei cooked an incredible spread of food that could have fed 20 people instead of just 6! He made the most delicious potato salad that had beats and peas in it as well. I'm not a fan of beats but this was yummy and pink.

I decided the photos at the table would be more exciting with a duel (Zena & Robert).

Played the Wii after dinner. I swear that making the Mii is the best part. We bowled and I lost drastically. But that's how I roll. ;)

Went to the San Francisco Zoo with Dan's father's family on Saturday afternoon. Gabriella, Nathan, and Franchesco standing in front of the Penguins. There were a lot of changes since the incident with tiger. Higher fences and lots more glass.

Found this amazing RAK waiting for me when I got back home from the Zoo. I won it on Aja's blog. Thanks so much!

Lisa came over Saturday evening for fireworks at Dan's house. My parents joined in the festivities and we had so much fun. I took a neat-O photo of the fireworks. Just a different take on the cliche firework photos.

So its starting to heat up big time. The news keeps saying its going to get into the 100's by tomorrow. Should be interesting!


aja said...

ooh...your fireworks pic is cool!
did you use a tripod? or a special setting?
i agree that making the "mii" is the most fun part...heehee!

Ashley said...

I like the way you captured those fireworks going off! Very cool looking. I miss setting them off, the big shows are nice but setting them off takes me back to my childhood.

I too had some wonderful potato salad on the 4th! This stuff was made with fresh tiger prawns! I've never had potato salad with shrimp but it was so tasty!

Michelle said... the fireworks picture! Looks like you've been having fun!! =) The spoon duel made me giggle...he he. Happy day, girl!

Boriquaz said...

at least you're not stuck with horrible humidity and constant rain every day ... when will it end!!! I love that fireworks picture and the duel haha

Donna. said...

Hopefully you are staying cool. 100s are not fun.

Love your fireworks picture. Seems like you all had a blast this past weekend!

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. We moved from TX last year. It sucked having to pay for an empty house for 10 months. But, I am so loving it where we are at now.

Marie said...

Man your posts are always so cool! They make me tired reading them tho lol! LOve the rak and love the pics my dear! Bowling is super fun on the wii i played last night and won! WOOT!

Jessica said...

looove your pics!

dude, it's been in the SIXTIES the past couple of days.

can't wait till you come here!! we can play wii and rockband, and scrap scrap scrap (on top of being tourists. lol).


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